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  1. Do the winners of Euro 96 talk about Euro 96 more than England? Who actually won that tournament...?

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    2. football forum


      Germans specially from north are cold. Win or lose they just see it business as usual move on.

      Boring !

    3. football forum

      Devil-Dick Willie

      Honestly i'dbe happy for England if they won something, but fuck me you'll be insufferable for years. Spain doing 3 in a row will be less talked about than the time England came 4th because they beat Sweden and Columbia.

    4. football forum

      CaaC (John)

      I would get the shivers if England won anything nowadays, every time a World Cup comes up they start showing 1966 in all its splendour and glory and "They think it's all over, it is now..." bellowing out of the tv when they get knocked out nowadays the media will rip them apart and even blame the tea-lady for their demise, it becomes a pain in the arse nowadays.

      Just to add, I was born in England and my old man was English but not here anymore but I can remember him many moons ago when he was alive saying "I wish the fucking media would shut up about the 1966 WC win and they think its all over, it is now, the players live on a knife-edge thanks to them building them up as world-class then knocking them down when they lose then sack the manager.



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