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  1. This thread makes interesting reading... Onana is average at best.
  2. What's going under reported now is what Israel are doing in the West Bank. The IDF and the Israeli settlers in the West Bank attacking Palestinians and making their lives hell. IDF also arresting Palestinians in huge numbers for no reason. I guess they need to re-up on the hundreds of Palestinian hostages they have after they let a few go.
  3. @Stan It should be: Nottm Forest - Everton, 17.30 Newcastle - Man Utd, 20.00
  4. Arsenal 1-0 Wolves Brentford 2-1 Luton Burnley 2-0 Sheff Utd Nottm Forest 1-1 Everton, 17.30 Newcastle 2-1 Man Utd, 20.00 Bournemouth 1-3 Aston Villa, 14.00 Chelsea 2-2 Brighton, 14.00 Liverpool 3-1 Fulham, 14.00 West Ham 2-1 Crystal Palace, 14.00 Man City 3-2 Tottenham, 16.30
  5. Darmstadt 1-1 Köln Bayern 4-0 Union Leipzig 3-0 Heidenheim Gladbach 2-1 Hoffenheim Bochum 0-0 Wolfsburg Stuttgart 2-0 Bremen Mainz 1-1 Freiburg Leverkusen 2-1 Dortmund Augsburg 2-2 Frankfurt
  6. 6666


    Delighted that CM Punk is back in WWE. Hopefully they can do the Punk/Cody feud that AEW decided to skip. Seth will probably be the first programme though. If WWE wasn't booked at a snail's pace on weekly TV then they'd be great regular viewing. AEW need to get their act together. Constant tournaments isn't going to excite anyone.
  7. It's TalkTV. They want to frame everything according to their right wing narrative by using whatever dirty tricks they can. It's basically Fox News for the UK.
  8. The rule is that it's a penalty. Ridiculous rule created by people who've never played football even in the park but these handballs have been given all season, even in the Premier League. Don't know why they decided that intention no longer matters and how it no longer matters if it was hit from close range or if it hit a different part of the body first. It's dumb.
  9. Brentford keeper probably should've done better but delighted for Havertz.
  10. Other than Ramsdale being a nervous wreck, we haven't had much to worry about in terms of defending. We've not done a whole lot going forward either. The goal was probably just offside and apart from that we've not had any meaningful chances.
  11. Both sides releasing hostages. The hostages that Israel are releasing are being called "detainees" or "prisoners" though. Keeping people locked up for no good reason for years, including kids, is completely fine and doing it to extremely regularly to hundreds of Palestinians is completely fine because Israel. Can only assume Israel went along with it because they're gonna end up killing the Palestinian hostages they released anyway. The humanitarian "let's take a little break from genociding" pause lasted about an hour before an IDF dickhead opened fire on innocents. Israel being scum isn't a difficult drum to beat. The issue is that the AIPAC politicians and their allies around the world really don't care so Israel being scum doesn't really matter. They'll just continue doing what they do.
  12. When people are fed up with society and the government and expectations of how a good person should act, they start wanting someone that throws a spanner in the works, someone that (they feel) gives them the green light to not think, to not question if what they're doing is right or wrong. Extreme right wing politicians symbolise this freedom of non-thinking by looking like bellends. THEY SHALL CONFORM NO MORE!
  13. While the Tories do suck, Labour doesn't really have much momentum and seem to be just relying on "at least we're not Tories" as their message. Similar to the Democrats in the US, being the "we're not as bad as the other lot" party isn't a message that motivates people. You might win by default if the other guy is extremely, extremely disliked but Rishi just seems like a guy people don't take seriously rather than someone people hate.
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