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  1. It's about the final 6 weeks-2 months of the season where it matters. Even without injuries it comes down to how you handle pressure. The pressure at the business end of the season is different to the first half of the season. I feel even without injuries that if Villa are top 3 round March. They will crumble just like Arsenal did last season.
  2. How are we only 3 points from 4th? Am glad we won without Rashford in the side.
  3. Are there white balls coming down your screen?
  4. We have German markets which were usually the most popular. Not been for a few years, might go on Saturday.
  5. Issue I have with Manchester is the summer weather. You'll usually get 2 weeks of good consistent heat. Rest of summer will have a mix of rain, odd days where the temperature will drop and the odd warmish day.
  6. Does your city have Christmas markets?
  7. MUFC

    GTA VI

    Trailer in Vice City brought back memories.
  8. One you wear when at home or just popping out local?
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