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  1. Feel like City are due a win over Chelsea. Have a question. Who would from Peps City team which got the points total record vs Joses Chelsea side in his first spell. The team with Drogba, Essien and co.
  2. Any idea what the upgrades are that Merc are bringing?
  3. Rain has been heavy for nearly 2 weeks. There could be another washout this weekend.
  4. https://www.planetf1.com/news/honda-secret-upgrade/
  5. Regarding sexy bum Lewis at Monza. Looking at his starts in both the sprint race and the actual race. Now for both he started on the dirty side of the track. For the sprint race he's on the dirty side of the track on the fastest tires and gets an horrible start. The actual race he got an immense start on the hards on the dirty side of the track. Does it show that a good launch and counter being on the dirty side of the track?
  6. The quadruple is on. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58566906
  7. The lift scene in Departed.
  8. Higher chance of rain on race day the previously expected.
  9. https://www.planetf1.com/news/mercedes-2021-engine-extreme/ https://www.planetf1.com/news/gerhard-berger-title-fight-good-for-f1/
  10. MUFC


    How many of you are watching it?
  11. MUFC


    Anstatt nach einer Waffe zu holen. Wäre es nicht einfacher gewesen, zu einer anderen Tankstelle zu fahren?
  12. Looking like rain on Friday morning, all Saturday but very low risk on Sunday.
  13. When I first brought the game I went straight into career mode. I started at level 75 and at the end of each season I move to a better team. Each season I put it up by 5, am currently on 80. Being honest with the Dutch GP, I got a got 13th because it was wet. Upon more seasons in the dry I've found it really difficult. Bahrain is the one track I always seem to do well at. But it can be extreme from one track to another. Monaco and Suzuka I have problems along with Singapore. I also have a stinker in Australia.
  14. Turkey is my favourite track to drive on. In terms of seeing turns late, Turkey is very realistic. Going uphill on the main straight followed by going downhill with a sudden turn which you see late. Imola will be added to the game in October via updates.
  15. If he'd scored. They'd be wanking silly over the local lad.
  16. https://www.planetf1.com/news/toto-wolff-helmut-marko-mr-grumpy/
  17. Looking at famous movies which are similar, which are better? Like a head to head. I'll start with the following. Godfather vs Goodfellas - Which did you think was better?
  18. Been raining in sochi for a few days. The rain will continue all week but end on Friday.
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