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  1. https://www.planetf1.com/news/fia-clampdown-flexi-floors-belgian-gp/
  2. You remember Annalise the milf?
  3. If we're not signing any players. Seriously just throw some fucking youngsters in, they can't be any worse then these senior players.
  4. Cooling down in Manchester from Monday. It's going to be raining next week.
  5. MUFC

    Health and Fitness

    There is a look at me cuntish culture in gyms.
  6. MUFC

    Health and Fitness

    Do you train at home or go to a gym?
  7. MUFC


    Crispy feet.
  8. For me De Jong isn't the type of player we need. We need 2 CM's desperately at least one or both have to be able to protect our fragile sack of shit of a defense. But they do need to be good on the ball, creative and be able to press and control a game. I'm thinking along the lines of Rice and Bellingham. Firstly it obvious we're skint and secondly why the fuck would they want to join us? I think you lot will get Rice next summer and Liverpool will get Bellingham in the next 2 years.
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