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  1. Kyletoonfan

    Off Topic

    Done it Lucas it was really good went to the blue lagoon on it to. Lovely being In warm water and having a couple of beers. Also had a mud face mask which was actually quite nice never done anything like that before. Seeing the water falls and volcanos is amazing to as is being between 2 continents. It's been an awesome holiday love the place the hotel. Which is hotel foss has been great to.
  2. I try and avoid it as much as possible though in security you may get it at some points so you obviously cannot run away from it at home though definitely avoid it at all costs.
  3. Kyletoonfan

    Off Topic

    Currently in Iceland beautiful place brilliant at the blue lagoon and seeing the northern lights. Very expensive though. Hard rock cafe brilliant here to. 5 Christmas decorations for about 75 pounds. Lot of money for a pint to fantastic place to visit though and the locals are very friendly.
  4. Almiron had a good debut he is a bundles of energy he has plenty of creativity and skill to. Brilliant free kick taker as well.
  5. No foul on Dubravka it's a contact sport keepers are over protected the ball had gone past him to. He should have punched the ball clear but he's been brilliant for us in the main since he signed for us. I'm gutted we threw it away In the last minute but it was a fair reflection on the game and a point at Wolves is a good result. The ref was right to play on to. A minimum of 4 minutes Newcastle made a sub and we start playing with the ball in play until the 91st minute that's why he played over the 94th minute. Hopefully we will now beat Huddersfield and Burnley at home tough games but we have to be looking at 6 points from them 2 matches.
  6. Right Spurs are in the middle of what could be a great season. 5 points off top spot 4 wins on the bounce in the Premier league minus Kane and Ali Son was missing for the Fulham game and Ali went off injured in the 2nd half to. If they win at Burnley (tough game it'll be they only just a scraped a last minute 1-0 win at home). But if they win they put more pressure on the top 2 ahead of Liverpool's trip to Manchester United the next day. For me I don't think they will win the league but they have to as it stands be included in the title race. To only 5 points behind City and Liverpool is some effort for me especially with how consistent the top 2 have been. They only lost to Chelsea on pens in the Carabao cup semi final and they were minus Son Kane and Ali and Chelsea had a very strong team out. They got through a champions league group which had Barca Inter and PSV in this after only 1 point from their first 3 group games even though they should have had more they should have won at Inter and PSV but they got through despite having to do it the hard way. They beat the current best team in Germany 3-0 despite missing Kane and Ali. I think they have overachieved say they finish comfortably 3rd they have overachieved or if they finish 1st or 2nd they definitely have. A great effort from Poch and his boys despite not spending a penny in the last 2 transfer windows. The emergence of the likes of Skipp and Walker Peeters is only going to make them stronger. I do though feel despite my opinion being they have overachieved that there squad is better than people give them credit for Lamela Llorente and Lucas Moura are all quality players. I'm glad Moussa Sissoko has proved me wrong he's been sensational the last 3 or 4 months but where was this sort of performance previously at Newcastle and Tottenham it was sporadic at best. Do you guys think they are overachieving and what do you think they can or will do between now and the end of the season. I think they can win the title but I don't think they will. There tough run in is the main reason I don't think they will win it. Chelsea Liverpool and City all away and Arsenal I would love to see them or Liverpool do it though. In the Champions league it's a cup competition so anything is possible. They have shown over the last 2 seasons they and compete and beat anyone. Drew 1-1 with Barca lost 4-2 In a close game the Barca 4th was in the last minute.Drew 1-1 away. Drew 2-2 at Juventus they were 2 down there narrowly lost 2-1 at home after being 1 up. Beat inter at home 1-0 Beat Real Madrid at home 3-1 Drew 1-1 away and beat Dortmund 3-1 at home last year and 2-1 away last year and 3-0 at home this season so they have shown they can compete and beat anyone anything can happen in the cups. Do you guys think they have overachieved? and what do you think they will do between now and the rest of the season.
  7. It's a load of nonsense at any stage of the season it's loser talk that it's got to be a minority surely the majority aren't that stupid. There's plenty of the season to go it's not like the time when you lost 3-2 to City after being ahead through a wonder goal from Barkley. I personally think that's stupid talk at any shave of the season even stupider at this stage though if I was an Everton fan I would be desperate for my side to put on a performance and bounce back with a win or at least a draw after recent defeats to Wolves and Millwall. Hopefully the players and manager will be up for it and you'll put in a performances and maybe get a result. West Ham bounced back in style yesterday hopefully Everton will tommorow.
  8. They weren't average but Tottenham definitely missed an opportunity that season losing 1-0 at home to Leicester 1-0 at West Ham when they got close drawing 2-2 at home to 10 man Arsenal after leading 2-1 and drawing 1-1 at home to West Brom after being 1-0 up I think it's harsh saying Spurs bottled it in other seasons but despite Leicester doing brilliantly especially in the 2nd half of the season were they were very consistent I can see why some would say that season Tottenham blew it or bottled it every time they got close they never capitalised.
  9. I doubt Son did that on purpose to. However It wouldn't bother me if players from other clubs celebrated in front of me and I think it gives some a lame excuse to go bonkers. Players get abuse off other teams fans well some fans and so that's accepted unless it's racist or homophobic that's accept by people but players cannot show some passion and celebrate in front of opposition fans it's a nonsense. He does come across as a lovely lad and I would be amazed if he did it intentionally anyways.
  10. Kyletoonfan

    Off Topic

    Dunno josh haha there's a few of us around. I started at 5 yesterday and finish at 7 so just over 3 hours left feeling tired now though. Not long for you to go. What you work as.
  11. Gomez will come back stronger than ever and prove you wrong he will be a massive player for Liverpool and England for the next 10 years he will definitely not be another Darren Anderton aka sicknote. He's been superb for Liverpool this season and will be crucial in the run in.
  12. Liverpool would be 2nd on goal difference with a game in hand so yes it would stil be in there hands as we have seen already City are far from perfect this season defeats to Chelsea Newcastle Palace and Leicester have shown that already. The momentum may not swing back in Liverpool's favour on Wednesday but as I've said it's still in there hands only 2nd on goal difference and with a game in hand they shouldn't be worried by any means long way to go in this 3 horse title race
  13. It can swing just as easily back in there favour over the coming days and weeks long way from being over they would only be 2nd due to them playing a game more far from panic stations yet it's still in Liverpool's hands.
  14. Ever the optimist you are. You'll probably win on Sunday and the following weekend. Any dropped points for City against Chelsea or Everton and for Liverpool over Bournemouth or Manchester United and it would get even more interesting for Tottenham going into a potentially season defining period with games against Arsenal Chelsea and Dortmund to come. Spurs are definitely in it but you probably have the toughest run in with Arsenal at home and Chelsea City and Liverpool away. It would be an unbelievable achievement and effort if Tottenham won it your definitely in the title race though anything can happen. I get where your negativity or realism comes from though you get on a run get close and lose or drop points which costs you like against Wolves after being 1-0 up you think your applying pressure then you lose that game 3-1.
  15. Spot on Gomez has been excellent throughout the season along with Trent them two with Chilwell and Stones for me are England's back 4 in the next euros or world cup. Liverpool certainly missed them both tonight.
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