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  1. Kyletoonfan

    Rugby League

    I would be stunned if they never came bottom but I would be pleased for them the bigger the crowds they get in London the better it's a great sport and I hope 1 day it's played up and down the country you should go to the magic weekend In London there always great weekends Leeds are playing London at the magic weekend.Castleford vs Saints and Wigan vs Warrington should be belters to.
  2. Kyletoonfan

    Rugby League

    I hope I'm wrong and they do well but I fear the Broncos will go down. I just don't think they are good enough for super league I hope they prove me wrong though. The NRL is a joy to watch to.
  3. Kyletoonfan

    Rio Ferdinand

    What Ashley hasn't done is a disgrace. He said Rafa cam have all money the club generated4said that 2 years in a row full of lies. We spend 20 million pounds and recoup 40. We replace Mitrovic a striker for 22 million pounds and replace him with Rondon on loan. It's an absolute joke. The claims he spent 50 million a few years back are a nonsense we recouped round 70 so it wasn't his money. We came 5th once under him did we try and kick on by getting 3 or 4 quality players no we buy 1 average player in Vurnon Anita and we struggle the next season because we didn't have the squad to cope with Europe and the league. He's appointed Joe Kinnear twice. Changed the name of the stadium other teams are strengthening now to try and make sure they try and stay up look at Cardiff set to sign the 3rd highest top scorer in France for 18 million what are we doing fuck all as always. How you don't have any sympathy for Newcastle fans is beyond me Ashley is a grade A cunt.
  4. I'm not one of these that hate Joselu. He may not score much but he's a good target man and he works hard if he had another player up front with him people may appreciate him more and see him in a different light. Heskey scored not many but he was a really good target man Joselu could be the same if he had a striker with pace right next to him. We are down to our barebones as the team shows. Some will say the keeper should have done better for Perez goal I don't think he should the power of the strike beat him. So what if we got lucky with Dack missing the sitter or the offside goal. Because whilst we got luck in extra time we got no luck in regulation time. The injuries is cruel bad luck on both Clark and Lascelles. They could have had a man sent off for a high reckless challenge how it isn't a yellow card is beyond me. Joselu should have had a penalty to he shot and he got clattered as he shot it was a pen or should have been so luck swings in roundabouts had we been given it we probably wouldn't have needed extra time. Hayden was unlucky with a header in the 2nd half which hit the post. Lovely goal from Roberts excellent wing play from Murphy I thought he played well and was a threat in behind the Rovers defence. Roberts did well throughout to as did Longstaff good effort from him yes he got lucky with the deflection but it was a good hit still. Sterry did well to even if Graham got the better of him a few times he kept persevering away so all credit to him. Well played Woodman though he had little to do. They were the better side just before we made it 3-2 apart from the Dack sitter they created little though. Not massively but in normal time I thought we just shaded it. Once the 3rd goal went in they were chasing it and we created a lot more chances because of that. Atsu looked lively when he came on though again he never had his shooting boots on. 😀 lovely finish from Perez he smashed it in. I'm gutted about the injuries we need to try and get as many back as quickly possible but I'm proud of the lads for sticking at it and grinding out good win nice to get 4 goals away from home and 2 Geordie lads scoring the away fans were superb as always.
  5. I'm amazed Spurs fans in here instead of the Pogba red which he should have got what about the pen at 0-0 It wasn't just a slight tug of the shirt it was blatant from Phil Jones from the corner. Clear penalty which they were robbed of big moment at 0-0 to.
  6. I'm pretty sure he will be posting he may have a team around him but he will be tweeting himself and he would have either done that himself or known about it. It was a spiteful comment and unnecessary. Most footballers on Twitter in fact probably all when they post on Twitter it's them commenting Pogba will be the same
  7. I'm sure he would have had a say in it. You cannot be telling me they would have done it and he would have known nothing about it of course he would. The coward was quick to delete it and he did that because he was wrong and he knew it. He's been very poor at United I would hardly say he's been made a scape goat others have had a lot of criticism Alexis Martial their defence Matic lots of critisism for lots of them Lukaku this season. Yes yes going to get a fair bit though he's meant to be a star player signed for huge money to help take them to the next level in most big matches he hasn't been doing it so the critisism has been fully merited. It isn't irrelevant what you do with social media you have to be careful what you say or do these are premier league footballers you cannot just do things willy knily got to be professional role models for a lot of kids to. I know these are young lads so they are going to make the odd mistake well most will but you do have to be careful what you post.
  8. Kyletoonfan

    Rugby League

    Anyone here going to watch the super league in 2019. About 3 weeks away. I'm quite excited I think my team Leeds Rhinos will have a much better season be interesting to see what new signings Lolahea Hurrell and Merrin bring to Leeds hopefully we will get less injuries to. Wigan Saints and Warrington will be favourites hopefully Leeds will be a dark horse and into the mix. Castleford should be there or thereabouts to.i cannot wait for Leeds vs Castleford on March 28 I'll be there for my first home game in a couple of years. The magic weekend at Anfield to I cannot wait to go to that event. Anyone watch it who do you think will win it I'll go for Saints but I obviously hope Leeds win it. If we don't anyone but Wigan as I cannot stand them.
  9. Kyletoonfan

    The Race for CL Places

    Yeah you cannot defend like they do and hope to get in. Very little has changed with them they also lack creativity minus Ozil.
  10. Totally agree and said that above. Against 10 men I thought they would have kicked on and won by 5 or 6. They definitely played within themselves in the 2nd half. De Bruyne made a difference when he came on and did well.
  11. Kyletoonfan

    Off Topic

    Nice one keep it up and I'm sure it'll work. I'm going to start going to the gym. I want to lose weight and then hopefully get back into refereeing when I'm not working. Need to be as fit as possible for getting into that. Might start doing 5 a side football to.
  12. Kyletoonfan

    Off Topic

    That's cool and good if you like reading. I sometimes do football manager or watch stuff on sky go or Netflix or showbox on the nightime as well as watching the cctv cameras and patrolling the site there's always 2 of us on, on a night time or weekend and during the day week day we work with a receptionist and I work at a paint factory.
  13. Pogba has a lot of talent he should be doing better. If I was a professional player playing for a team like Manchester United if I was out of form I wouldn't be doing the social media antics. It didn't bother me but dieing your hair blue and white just before a Manchester derby that's poor on his part. Lucky for him he got 2 in a 5 minute spell and they came back and won. He didn't help himself with a lot of stuff. When they played Wolves he had the ball then lost it which can happen to all players but he struts around and throws his hands in the air. Top players would track back and try and win the ball back. Look at the top City players have they are amazing on the ball but when they lose the ball they hound the opposition they all press and try and win the ball back they often win the ball back quickly to. As I say Pogba doesn't help himself. To post a tweet a few minutes after Jose was sacked that's a cunts trick he comes across as not a nice guy he doesn't dominate big matches enough. He has to do it much more consistently if he's ever going to be regarded as world class.
  14. You say that but we don't hammer teams. Hopefully Diame and Shelvey will play if not a midfield 2 of Hayden and Longstaff would be a worry. I've gone for 1-0 Newcastle on super 6 I'm not confident though I could see it being 0-0 or 1-0 either way. You guys have been hard to beat away from home. We have to be patient an early goal would be great though. Camarassa has impressed me a lot for Cardiff and your goalkeeper is a very good keeper. You were probably a little unlucky not to beat us in the 1st game. Though Kennedy should have won it in the last minute with the penalty he had.
  15. Kyletoonfan

    The Race for CL Places

    Chelsea need a top striker if you don't get one. I think you will miss out and Manchester United wil get in. United still have to play Chelsea at home. That's a big one. If Chelsea win at Arsenal that's the Gunners gone. An Arsenal win and their 3 points behind so have every chance to. I think they will miss out due to their defence being so poor. United have all the momentum. Spurs have to be careful otherwise they could amazingly miss out. However I think they will be fine yes they will miss Kane and Son but I think they'll have enough and they have a good run of fixtures Fulham away Watford at home Newcastle at home and Leicester at home then Burnley away unless they get to the carabao cup final if they do that game will be played later in the season. Whatever happens it'll be a thrilling race to the end of the season the same as the battle for the title and the race for 7th and the relegation battle what an end to the season it's going to be.