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  1. Last minute would have been even better haha
  2. Another good win for us yesterday without us really having to get out of first gear, two good goals and we keep the pressure on at the top. Hopefully same again against Brentford before the trip to Leeds. Just watching the Birmingham v Villa game and i hope that fan enjoys watching football at home now as will never be let in ground again and no doubt spend some time in jail, the Birmingham fans cheering him can do one as well ! I just don't get the thought process that you need to run on pitch and hit your opponents top player, Idiot !!
  3. Got the win and we move up into 2nd, happy with that for sure !
  4. S2_Blade


    Always liked Tennis but Andy Murray got me into it even more and eventually started playing in local tennis league, he has worked his arse off to get where he is and how crap when in your head you want to carry on and win titles but your body just says no. I don't think he will make Wimbledon which will be a massive shame but understandable.
  5. Yeh very dangerous from Leeds keeper, Leeds deserved winners but no doubt the spying will follow them around in papers for a few days. QPR for us at home tomorrow, need to keep pressure up on top two.
  6. S2_Blade

    Football Manager 2019

    Last version i had was 2015 as i don't think there were enough changes to warrant buying newer ones, maybe could have got 2018 but laptop wasn't up to scratch so got new laptop end of last year and bought this one with the new features. I agree with above that keeping squad happy and try not to tear into them when lose however tempting, my current save is with Barnsley, i'm 17 games in and sitting 2nd in table (only lost one game so far), got to league cup 4th round knocked out by Millwall, through to fa cup 2nd round and won group in checkatrade trophy so not bad so far. Training is great when you settle into it and new way to set up tactics and actually feels like changes you make actually happen. So far so good !
  7. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11701/11602797/stoke-city-appoint-nathan-jones-as-manager-to-replace-gary-rowett Interesting one this as no doubt the money offered by Stoke will be more than Luton could offer but with him doing so well at Luton and if they beat Wednesday in replay he could take Luton to Chelsea then there is planning permission decision over new ground soon that i'd have been tempted to stay and try get promotion into Championship. Not easy though if money offered is potentially life changing for your family.
  8. Listen to talksport drive in van at work sometimes so i would like Spurs to win just to shut Adrian Durham up, he'd probably still find a way of knocking Spurs.
  9. S2_Blade

    EFL Transfers & Rumours

    I like the signing of Madine and if Sharp plus Wilder want him in then that is good enough for me, no doubt been a bad egg in past but seems to have put that all behind him and is keen to play for us so happy to give him a chance. This is a similar signing to Hanson when we was in league one, we play great football but sometimes we just can't break teams down so why not have a Madine character in squad who is not afraid to cause defenders problems and hopefully can bag a few goals to help the promotion push and of course a winner against Wednesday would certainly help him with the fans.
  10. S2_Blade

    Sheffield United - Can They Last the Course?

    Got a much better squad this season even if some of them squad members didn't cover themselves in glory on Sunday against Barnet. I'd like to think we will easily be in playoffs but only takes some iffy results in Championship and you slide down table quickly but right now in good form with a couple of new additions it would be great to push on for top two.
  11. S2_Blade

    Champions League Place For FA Cup Winner?

    I think one of best ways of boosting Fa Cup is to reduce the excuses managers have for resting players. I would do this if it was possible Champions League places for top 3 in Premier League and Qualifying Spot for winners of FA Cup. The League Cup is a football league trophy so i would make it just that so only Championship, League One and League two clubs take part, straight away reducing fixtures for big clubs that they all moan about and that would also have the bonus of removing the football league trophy which nobody is to bothered about anyway. FA Cup i would potentially remove replays again to reduce the excuse of to many games and potentially if level after 90 minutes go straight to penalties. Better fixture planning also, we all love Boxing Day and New Years day games so keep them but remove the Saturday game in-between maybe, go to an 18 team premier league and 20 teams in football league, there is plenty of options on reducing fixtures so its up to officials been radical instead of allowing all these multiple changes everytime there is a cup game. I love the Fa Cup and seeing Blades make 10 changes and then them coming in not even bothering was painful.
  12. S2_Blade

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone. My name is Andy, big football fan and support Sheffield United ! Also like to watch Speedway, Ice Hockey & Cricket. Look forward to seeing you all around the forum !