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  1. I like the ones that have an extensive vocabulary... the thesaurus
  2. The Defoe / Altidore deal was definitely win win for both clubs. Otherwise, I don’t think we would have stood a chance at getting Defoe to play for us. Altidore was dire.
  3. Totally agree with them being able to appeal and then if still necessary impose the transfer ban then. Whenever it's imposed, it'll still be inconvenient to Chelsea.
  4. I do this on another forum but the whole thing is dying out so want to keep it going somewhere else. I'll post an image and then you'll have a few days to come up with captions. You can do as many as you like. Once we've got a few captions, I'll judge and you'll get points. Unfortunately, points do not mean prizes. It's 3 points for a winner which is either picked by me or a caption with a lot of 'likes'. Then there will be at least one runner up who earns themselves 1 point. I'll keep a leaderboard so we can see who is a caption master! THIS WEEK'S IMAGE My personal favourite football for facial expressions, but what's the caption for this image?!
  5. He's such a cartoon character. Sat in the audience for a debate show on BBC Three that he was a part of a few years ago and when the cameras were off, he switched off himself. Wasn't interested in challenging anything anybody said to him.
  6. I'll take Fabregas for Grimsby, thanks. Rangers.
  7. Ranieri has arrived in Rome ahead of what is believed to be a temporary appointment until the summer.
  8. I work for a group of radio stations and the whole decision to take off his music is bizarre. When he died, every station was playing his music but now because a documentary has come out that focuses on accusations that have always been made against him, we remove his music? Louis Theroux seems set that he was a paedophile.
  9. Away at Crawley for Grimsby. Crawley seem to have a good record against us but haven't won for over 5 games whereas we've shown some real fight and determination to get results (apart from last weekend - *poop*). Ohman, our super Swede signing, is back from suspension so hopefully will look more solid defensively again which let us down last weekend.
  10. The opposite happens to me. Expect someone to hold the door and they let it bloody close meaning I have to get my fob out to open the door.
  11. Pyfish

    Radio & Podcasts

    Got loads of friends and people within the industry that I know starting new podcasts lately that I can barely keep up with those and the ones I subscribed to already!
  12. He is the kind of guy that sends a club backwards rather than helping progression. Best bit of business he was involved in was bringing Defoe in but then he was responsible for bringing a lot of Championship and below-par players in. £10 million for Rodwell turned out well too of course...
  13. Pyfish

    EFL Trophy

    Should be an alright final too. It's still a 'nothing' cup but silverware is silverware.
  14. Pyfish

    EFL Trophy

    Bristol Rovers v Sunderland on Sky Sports now. An alright match so far. Both teams had some decent chances.
  15. Just started to watch Line of Duty - fed up of everyone at work chatting about it and me not having a clue what they are on about and there's a new series coming soon so I need to catch up to join in ha!
  16. And the toast crumbs create mould eventually too. Rancid.
  17. A 1 point gap in this league is absolutely nothing. City have dropped points this season and will do again, as will Liverpool. It isn't over. Simple.
  18. Gary Bowyer also expected to be named Bradford manager today.
  19. £7.50 but it's 25% off next time because I've been 5 times and had my loyalty card stamped
  20. People who speak to me when I have my headphones on. And then they act all pissy when you take your headphones off and ask them to repeat whatever the hell it was they were saying which half of the time is something stupid anyway.
  21. Below par performance from Grimsby to lose against Cambridge who just looked like they had more about them than us. They looked pacy compared to our sluggishness.
  22. Used to wait by the hot food counter in the supermarket at Uni for when they were closing as they always either gave the food away for free or dirt cheap.
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