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  1. PrinceSpeedyG

    Upcoming Games You're Looking Forward To

    Got Wargroove a few days ago, can't wait to play it! Undecided on Smash ultimate still.
  2. PrinceSpeedyG

    Upcoming Games You're Looking Forward To

    True but also remember Smash Ultimate is less than a month old and selling like hotcakes. It's still relevant till Q2 at least. Rumours also of a new Switch but little of its spec or full functionality yet. Nintendo will get something, it's just this year Sony and Microsoft are prepping for next gen so will be fairly quiet on big name games this year compared to last year.
  3. PrinceSpeedyG

    Upcoming Games You're Looking Forward To

    There is a chance the full RPG Pokemon game will come out this year. Also isn't Capcom bringing out its back catalog on Nintendo Switch? (5 games I think🤔)
  4. PrinceSpeedyG

    Upcoming Games You're Looking Forward To

    Bad news for Metroid fans: Metroid 4 Development Update
  5. PrinceSpeedyG

    Upcoming Games You're Looking Forward To

    I got the invite for alpha build of Anthem late last year on PS4. Looks interesting, graphics looked great and the open world look and puzzles looked the part but my major problem will be its going to multiplayer only with microtransactions and lootbooxes and little to no single player missions with story.
  6. PrinceSpeedyG

    Upcoming Games You're Looking Forward To

    No official word yet. But CDPR will probably make an announcement sometime in Q3 if 2020 release, Q1 or Q2 if 2019 release. E3 demo last year was hype.
  7. PrinceSpeedyG

    Upcoming Games You're Looking Forward To

    Cyberpunk 2077 and Last of Us Part 2.
  8. PrinceSpeedyG

    Hey folks.

    Hey Probably I've been a few forums since then and use reddit quite a bit now. AVFC and any of the villa boys come here? You're injuries are mounting so doubt it will last, esp. with your fixture list been busier than ours. Top 4 and title race coming to boil nicely atm. Think you can keep 3rd? Thanks. I support Liverpool, should be on my profile I think. Since the spice boys era in the 90's. Favourite past players are Barnes, Fowler and Macca, current favourites VVD, Jomez and Mo.
  9. PrinceSpeedyG

    Hey folks.

    Cheers. Thank you. Sir Ta.
  10. I drive a Ford Focus now btw. 

    1. Dr. Gonzo
    2. PrinceSpeedyG


      Yeah. It's a reliable runner. Had it for 2.5 years now. 

    3. Dr. Gonzo

      Dr. Gonzo

      Nice, I love me a quality hatchback

  11. PrinceSpeedyG

    Electronic Music Thread

    Anyone familiar with 20syl and Alltta?
  12. PrinceSpeedyG

    What TV Series Are You Watching?

    Just finished season 5 of the best cop comedy show on TV. NINE NINE!
  13. PrinceSpeedyG

    Last movie you watched?

    Spiderman Homecoming. Spiderman /10
  14. PrinceSpeedyG

    What are you playing?

    A lot of AC Odyssey before my current holiday.
  15. PrinceSpeedyG

    Liverpool Discussion

    Call me up I can play full-back or centre back at a push. Good thing we have 10 days for prep.