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  1. Credit to Villa. It wasn't quite the walk in the park a lot of people expected it to be. Feel sorry for Stones. Constantly in and out of the team and has been unlucky with injuries. Big mistake to make but I thought he recovered well as was arguably our best defender in the second half. Still feel his time at City will be short-lived as I think Guardiola is running out of patience with him. Foden looked sublime. Nice to see him start in a high-stakes game and answer many questions that (non-city) fans have been asking of him. Shame about Villa conceding a corner that wasn't actually a corner, but that's football. We all come a cropper to it at some point. I would feel more sorry for Villa if we didn't have such a shoddy conversion rate from corners. Can't remember the stat but it really is awful. All Villa needed to do was put in a decent defensive effort and it wouldn't have been an issue.
  2. Amehh

    Peaky Blinders

    It’s a bit of a weird one, but stick with it. Season 4 is the best of the lot.
  3. Of course it has an effect on the title race. Anything at this point does. Let’s be honest, if City had lost tonight and you remained three points in front you’d consider it an advantage in your attempt for top spot. You’d rather be in front than behind at any point in the season. As for those holier than thou who could think of nothing worse than not caring about your team’s result... congratulations on being the bestest more super fans in the world 👏 Enjoy your view up there from your horses. Christ. For what it’s worth, always thought Everton are a decent club with nice fans. Don’t think they set out to make it easy for us at all today and their fans were obviously in a weird predicament which I think reflected in the atmosphere at Goodison. Hope they go on to have a good finish to their season.
  4. Amehh

    Peaky Blinders

    I hope we see more of May in the 5th series, love her character.
  5. If we don't win it I would very much enjoy a late charge from Watford. Failing that, it has to be Tottenham.
  6. Here’s what I really know: Liam - doing well and has a beautiful daughter. Chat regularly and see we are meeting up soon for Everton vs city Deadlinesman - has good taste in Florida holidays Superpav - Against his good judgement, resisted my advances and is now engaged to a nice girl who is probably too good for him Lucas - true that I did sell him foo fighters tickets. However posted the tickets without the stamp cause I am a knob. Turned up eventually thankfully Storts - the reason that I am on this thread. Lovely but is busy every time I’m in London. Avoiding me I think Is CC still about anywhere?
  7. About 7 san Miguel’s
  8. Thanks buddy hope you are well!
  9. Excuse me! I believe we only had about 5,000 empty seats last home game. So yes, there are still some of us out there 😜