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  1. Wait Sir Balonn left????

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    2. football forum

      The Palace Fan

      I've got a lot of time for Rucksack to be honest. As I did with Sir Balon. However staff are called out a lot more than people recognise when its perceived their posting drops below a certain standard, and quite rightly too.

    3. football forum


      Ruck just needs to stop picking out posts he doesn't like. There's no need to do so and it isn't compromising to get along with others, something that should be expected on a rather small community like our own.

      SirBalon often got at me for saying things that he disagreed with when it came to Barca. It was annoying as hell, but I've got plenty of time for him as he knows a lot about football and as a general bloke is a top fella.

    4. football forum


      Nothing wrong with @Rucksackfranzose I think. Definitely doesn't make this place a cesspool. 

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