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  1. robosys

    Andreas Pereira

    Pereira is a good player and he's got everything it takes to be a midfield maestro, I think him being played out of position will make him grow as a player. I am absolutely excited to see him play week in week out, got the energy, the vision and discipline to play in our midfield.
  2. Crystal Palace... insane? I know but Zaha could do it, lol
  3. robosys

    Adopt A Club! 2018/19 Season

    I'm in, La Liga please
  4. Jones can be horrible sometimes 🙄
  5. I called it earlier this season, Everton is the new QPR
  6. Asides from bottom half clubs, there's 0 flair in midfield currently, Herrera doesn't go past players, only Matic tries to and he's not even that kind of player, Pogba brings a lot to utd and it's clearly obvious now, he brings calmness, composure, long passes and shots at oppositions goal, he is their main man in the team and without him has been very obvious, just like how Kante is for Chelsea
  7. QPR all over again, I called it earlier
  8. robosys

    Top 3

    Lol, since when does pre season count for anything!?