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  1. watchmychops

    The Non-League Thread

    just dont be and ass coming on ok
  2. watchmychops

    The Non-League Thread

    oh well , soz lads , i played for ferryhill athelic so if any old timers on here
  3. watchmychops

    The Non-League Thread

    your a knob
  4. watchmychops

    The Non-League Thread

    are you real stan ? because
  5. watchmychops

    The Non-League Thread

  6. thats why you been owend by the country as you have now idea how the country works
  7. omg the knob police are in here ...........get a life
  8. your shit and ffs why are there 50k suppoerters there
  9. watchmychops

    The “That’s Tinpot” Thread

    who has the problem ? knobs who think non league is tinpotty . i think so.
  10. watchmychops

    The “That’s Tinpot” Thread

    The lower-leagues and, more so, non-league football is well known for its tinpottery yes .that quote is wrong and needs to be removed. idiot.
  11. the spurs manager whats he won ?
  12. hes always been a bengal lancer same as
  13. watchmychops

    The “That’s Tinpot” Thread

    it isnt a tin pot please remove
  14. watchmychops

    The “That’s Tinpot” Thread

    wheres the fa cup ?