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  1. Certainly good as Vardy has proved, He's well over 30 isn't he ? We'll just see if the takeover actually happens, first. We've lost count of number of times our hopes have been up only for MA to stay. Leicesters takeover was a huge success. Hope Newcastle's could rival it. If we could get a domestic trophy (FA preferably ! ) and be challenging top 6-7 in 5 seasons we'd be overjoyed I haven't heard ONE Newcastle fan spout some of the shite the media are saying WE are supposed to want
  2. Wow - a lot of "Nowhere nears" of PL forecasts......
  3. Phil Kennedy

    Premier League Away Fans Pub Guide

    If you're coming to Newcastle, unlike so many teams rival fans AREN'T discouraged from most pubs - only when they start creating problems themselves does it get hairy. The response you get is the response you give so to speak. The Strawberry is the nearest to the ground. Right beside the metro station too. Don't expect to be embraced as welcome visitors, of course (European teams were - but thats going back a few years....pre-Ashley of course) but you'll get no bother if you just have a drink and a chat. Ditto with Rosies or my particular fave, The Newcastle Arms. Good real Ale - and Ive often seen rival fans in there chatting with Newcastle fans. Theres a couple of pubs on Percy Street too, but they're a little wild sometimes but again, you get back what you give out
  4. Absolutely. Leicester's owners are the complete opposite of our own. And envied by long suffering Newcastle fans. Every time we read of some obnoxious media twerp (like Richard Keys for instance) attacking Newcastle fans backing Ashley you know full well no rival fan would want Ashley anywhere near their club - which was proved when Rangers fans went ballistic when he moved on THEIR club. Newcastle fans are whining etc and unfair to Ashley they said - until it looked like he'd taken over at Rangers it was sooooo different when THEY were possibly going to get his choke hold - but it applies to so many rival fans, on this subject
  5. Normally Benitez wouldn't even give it a second thought leaving Newcastle to go to Leicester. Unfortunately, we are lumbered with Ashley. Ashley is the only "owner" to keep making a whopping profit from the transfer business every year much to the weakening of our club leaving us begging and borrowing I recall rival teams in Championship (especially the obnoxious hypocritical Aston Villa fans) ranting we'd "Spent a fortune" when we'd actually made a 34 million pound profit on transfer dealings, and not even top 3 spenders (Villa spent most) Leicester's owners have shown they WILL support the manager and spend to support him, so we ARE worried - we turn up and support the team. But the owner does very little (least in Prem league)