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  1. Gunnersauraus

    President Trump

    The CEO of Google has been asked to explain why a picture of Donald trump comes up when people Google idiot
  2. Gunnersauraus

    2018 Newcomer of the Year - NOMINATIONS

    How do you actually vote?
  3. One of my friends who is quite racist towards Indian's Pakistanis ect always complains about Sterling. More so than any player. It's like he's the worst ever England player. I'm not saying every one who complains about him is racist but there is certainly some rasism behind it. I think s lot of it is because if his name some assume he is Pakistani. I don't know his actual heritage
  4. Tone fair to Chelsea even if they have more racist fans than most it still doesn't mean a majority are racist
  5. Gunnersauraus

    Tammy Abraham Wins Player of the Month

    My point is playing in the championship is still a very good achievement
  6. In the pub. There is one river plate fan and a load of Boca fans. Not now they have just gone home
  7. That's what you call a sweeper keeper
  8. He may also be outnumbered and decided it was better for him not to say anything. This is what the enquiry is for to decide whst happened.
  9. I read an article about it on favbook earlier. There was a Timmy Robinson supporter who thinks it doesn't matter
  10. Gunnersauraus

    Leonardo Jardim to be Offered Role in Saudi Arabia

    Jardim is still a good manager. Hope it doesn't happen
  11. Gunnersauraus

    Can Steve Clarke's Kilmarnock 'Do A Leicester'?

    That is ridiculous. I was a fetus then. Don't normally like it but it would be funny is some filthy rich person bought a Scottish club and turned them into a psg
  12. Gunnersauraus

    Portugal to Host UEFA Nations League Finals

    Might be going to the Holland game. How expensive is Portugal?
  13. All teams do that. And they play in a 90 thousand capacity stadium.. If we played at Wembley we would get bigger attendances