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  1. Gunnersauraus

    If you had the chance to

    @Dr. Gonzo just because he's a nice guy
  2. Gunnersauraus

    Group E

    Canada win 1.0. They were the better side but the second half wasn't great
  3. Gunnersauraus

    Group E

    Canada 1.0 up at half time. They have been the better side
  4. Gunnersauraus

    Group D - Matchday 1

    Game finished 0-0. Good result for Argentina
  5. Gunnersauraus

    Group D - Matchday 1

    Watching Argentina v Japan. Not a great game. Probably an Argentina win would be the worst result for Scotland
  6. Gunnersauraus

    Copa América 2019

    Actually @Grizzly21 you are right. Can't remember that game
  7. Gunnersauraus

    Copa América 2019

    Not sure what you mean there Bryan. England haven't played Honduras in over 20 years I don't think
  8. Gunnersauraus

    Copa América 2019

    We haven't played Honduras in years
  9. Gunnersauraus

    Group D - Matchday 1

    The grass roots is much better and much more invested in. A lot more men play football. Hardly surprising there is a big gap in quality
  10. Gunnersauraus

    Group D - Matchday 1

    Goal for Scotland!!!
  11. Gunnersauraus

    Group D - Matchday 1

    Scotland have really come back into the game over the last 5 minutes
  12. Gunnersauraus

    Group D - Matchday 1

    They were very aggressive and in England's face up untill the goal. England are much better but Scotland are doing their best which is all you can ask
  13. Gunnersauraus

    Group D - Matchday 1

    Above quote mate
  14. Gunnersauraus

    Group D - Matchday 1

    They were good up until the goal. They are playing as well as they can but England are fitter and better so it is hard for them.
  15. Gunnersauraus

    Group D - Matchday 1

    I disagree. I think they have been very impressive. But they have made a few costly mistakes