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  1. I use that arguement against nationalism. I think the romans killed most of them. Not sure if there are no natives though. I think they think there might be some people who have some native DNA but it would almost certainly have mixed with other nations
  2. The half time team talk will be something like this. "You have to win this game. You cant let them mank cunts win the league again. Anything to add Jurgen. No thanks stevie "
  3. Title decider on sunday. Arsenal have west ham, Chelsea have man utd. I expect chelsea to beat man utd and win the league but I'll cheer on man utd anyway then take a very long shower after
  4. @Devil-Dick Willie @The Palace Fan I'm hoping we see punk v okada at forbidden door. It would be a huge draw I would imagine. Champion v champion match if punk beats hangman. I hope scorpio sky keeps the tnt title for a while now. Its lost all credibility with all the title changes so needs a champion to keep it for a while to get some back. I actually think scorpio sky is actually better as a face. Not sure whether he has turned face or just temporarily against sammy. I personally thought that when he was a heel I didnt really care about him. He wasnt like mjf who you love to hate he was just not interesting. I think hes better as a face but not saying to much. Just keep the promos short.
  5. Why what did he do?
  6. @Devil-Dick Willie 3 questions. Have we seen sabre v danielson before? Will we see it at forbidden door? And will it be cum in your pants good?
  7. It depends how much you would expect them to get right. Referees are going to make mistakes during the game but they make alot of good decisions as well. You have to have a reasonable expectation of the decisions you expect to get right. And you have to base that on what is humanly possible. All sportsman make loads of mistakes even when they have their best games. A misplaced pass is a mistake. A lot of the referee mistakes aren't clear errors though. They are interpretations.
  8. Its easy to criticize mate. Its a hard job. Its not just limited to England. A lot of referees give it up because of abuse from fans and teams. So it's not as if this ultra critical attitude is really achieving anything
  9. I'd love to see @Dr. Gonzo try to referee a game.
  10. I can understand them getting rid of him if we didnt. But like I said before I dont think we could any manager in we would need a good one. To be honest I get the impression with arsenal there other issues. I mean even if we had a top coach I still think we might struggle to compete. Not lack of funds recruitment maybe. And maybe a lack of long term strategy.
  11. Apparently there was some fan on facebook saying we should get viera. And a load of people agreed on Facebook. I mean I could understand us getting him in but let's not pretend he will be a guaranteed success
  12. @The Palace Fan I think they said that palace are in for their best premier league finish. I think everyone has been shocked at well viera has done. I thought you would go down this season. Does he play a brand of football which allows players more freedom? Is that why 3 of your players have got in the England squad? If arsenal do sack arteta I wouldn't be surprised if they went for Vieira. I dont mean it in a disrespectful way but I'm sure he would take the offer if it was made.
  13. Its not about bottle though is it? Those are hard games. Thats why some arsenal fans were careful about saying the top 4 race was over
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