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  1. Gunnersauraus

    Walking Dead

    Its a nightmare these days when you get behind because it's hard not to find out before hand what happened with social media and that. I remember when glen got killed I managed to avoid finding out before hand for ages then found out right at the end because someone but a abituary in the paper and I read it on Facebook
  2. They might do but I think Barca will score more
  3. I've always agreed with that. Biting people is wrong but trying to break someone's leg is worse. For me Roy Keane was one of the biggest ever cunts in football. He's a shit human being in general. I've read his auto biography. Not only did he try to end that man city players career. He complained about playing in charity matches, its not about you its for charity. He made out that when he went to Celtic he was poor because he wasn't on as much money as at utd. Also he says he doesn't like doing punditry but does it all the time. It gets glossed over because of what he achieved but he really is a cunt.
  4. That's what I said. Great minds think a like. And so do we
  5. Yeah but they are ahead of you. I guess it goes. Liverpool> spurs>Dortmund>Dusseldorf>Dortmund>Liverpool
  6. Yeah but spurs beat Dortmund 3.0 and Liverpool beat spurs and are ahead of them. So it goes Liverpool > spurs> Dortmund> Dusseldorf> Liverpool
  7. I think arsenal fans are scratching their heads a bit with Gnabry. I'm always felt he had more potential though personally
  8. Although it was 0-0 it was a good 0-0. Very tactical and quite interesting. But if they got rid of it I think it would have been a better game.
  9. I really think the champions league would be better if they get rid of the away goals rule
  10. Yeah but if they played arsenal you just know they would put in a world class performance
  11. Well the good thing is you didn't concede. In a way beyern have to win. So glad teso is suspended he would be unbearable now
  12. Wouldn't say horrendous they have looked good but a bit shaky