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  1. Gunnersauraus

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    So I'm trying this thing today where I move around a lot more. If I'm sat down I move my shoulders a lot and if I'm standing up I move my whole body maybe jog on the spot. I've noticed the anxiety is very strong when I'm still so seeing if it helps.
  2. Gunnersauraus

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    @nudge I'm not sure if this is politically correct but I'm gonna ask anyway. What is it about Germans and efficiency? There's always the expression German efficiency but it does seem to be true. Is it a cultural thing why is Germany seemingly more efficient than most countries? By the way the reason this is linked to the thread is because Germany seemed to have controlled the virus better than most countries it's not a completely random question.
  3. Gunnersauraus

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Yes. The issue is I have anxiety and depression anyway. Sometimes I get overwhelmed very easily which is the problem I am having at the moment. The lack of contact with people and boredom isn't helping
  4. Gunnersauraus


    Apparently reigns is getting stick for pulling out of wrestlemania. What is the matter with people the guy has cancer
  5. Gunnersauraus

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    I'm starting to get to breaking point now. No contact with people for two weeks not sure how much more I can do it.
  6. Gunnersauraus

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    Trump has said medical workers are stealing masks because they are ordering so many more. Seriously what does this guy have to do before his supporters will realise he is a cunt
  7. Gunnersauraus


    Reports are Wimbledon will be officially canceled tomorrow
  8. Gunnersauraus


    @The Palace Fan @Spike@Devil-Dick Willie @DeadLinesmanthey are showing Edge and Christian v the Dudley's v the Hardy's from wrestlemania 2000 on you tube. I can't remember if it was that one or the one the year after because they had the same match at the next wrestlemania but one of them was one of the best tag team matches ever. Update unfortunately I think it was the one the year after which is regarded so highly not that one
  9. Gunnersauraus

    Coronavirus and Football

    Yeah I remember it. We were really good that day.
  10. Gunnersauraus

    Coronavirus and Football

    What the 2004 game?
  11. Gunnersauraus

    President Trump

    Interesting thing is despite telling some people exactly what they want to hear trump has the lowest approval rating of any president since the records began in the 1930s.
  12. Gunnersauraus

    Off Topic

    @DeadLinesman @Happy Blue sorry for both your losses
  13. Gunnersauraus

    What Are You Missing the Most?

    Don't all men have the mum, daughter fantasy
  14. Gunnersauraus

    What Are You Missing the Most?

    Ha ha it is actually true mate. Although her mum has got ill so probably was a good job anyway.
  15. Gunnersauraus

    Coronavirus and Football

    All the seasons below the about the 7th league I think have been ended and are null and void