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  1. 3.0. Leicester have been very good and west brom have been very bad
  2. The commentary seems out of sync. There are announcing the goals before they go in
  3. Gunnersauraus

    George Floyd Death & Aftermath/Protests

    Ow right I get it.
  4. Gunnersauraus

    George Floyd Death & Aftermath/Protests

    Ok I'm confused. How can you murder someone accidentally and intentionally?
  5. Gunnersauraus

    George Floyd Death & Aftermath/Protests

    Second degree murder was the worst charge wasnt it? So he will be sentenced based on that is that right?
  6. Gunnersauraus

    George Floyd Death & Aftermath/Protests

    @nudge you know everything about everything??
  7. Gunnersauraus

    George Floyd Death & Aftermath/Protests

    I cheered when I found out he was found guilty. But I don't understand how he was found guilty of of 3 different degrees of murder?
  8. Gunnersauraus

    Other News & General Chat

    I had a bit of a disagreement with someone about this. Correct me if I'm wrong but house prices have gone up faster than wages over the last 40 years or so?
  9. Gunnersauraus

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

    @nudge how fast would they probably be able to develop a vaccine for the new strain? Is it like flu where they are able to develop a new one every year very quickly?
  10. Gunnersauraus

    European Super League

    I think it is more likely than not that the super league wont happen. The players are so against it I think they would refuse to play. I know footballers can be greedy but I think there is a difference between wanting a pay rise or moving to another club for more money and playing in a competition that goes against 150 years of history that your own fans will hate you for playing in. I think some players will play in it but I think a lot wont despite the money they can make
  11. Gunnersauraus


    To be fair there are a few power house wrestlers in aew. That might be part of the issue. I want to just see him destroy people as well. I think aew will work it out though. He is the lead wrestler in the group though where as he use to be the sidekick so he is getting bigger. They could potentially put him with Brian cage and they could be a power house tag team that destroys everybody that is one way but I'm not to sure myself to be honest.
  12. Gunnersauraus


    @The Palace Fan I'm a few weeks behind on aew. The arcade anarchy match sounded so stupid but it was absolutely brilliant. One of the best aew matches I have seen. I was expecting it to end with miro turning on kip sabian and that to be the story. But the two comebacks were the story and it was brilliant.
  13. Gunnersauraus

    European Super League

    This is a good point
  14. Gunnersauraus

    European Super League

    Boris johnson has criticised the super league. I agree with him and now feel like I need to take a really long shower
  15. Gunnersauraus

    European Super League

    Not all of them. I know a lot of them are cunts but the ones that aren't can afford to refuse to play.