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  1. Gunnersauraus

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    I haven't no because I know he will say it is our problem. I think I'll look in the contract and then go to citizens advice and then depending on what they say go to environmental services. I probably didn't explain that well actually I didn't mean I was gonna go to citezens advice only.
  2. Gunnersauraus

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    One person can take responsibity. I do. But it's not my fault others don't. Most places like this have a cleaner that comes once a fortnight or so for that reason. People aren't going to clean up after other people so it just gets worse and worse.
  3. You are biased mate. It's very obvious.
  4. Gunnersauraus

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    I haven't no but there have been reasons for that which I'll explain. However it probably would be worth me at least going to citizens advice which I may actually do tomorrow. First of all when I moved in I only intended it to be for 6 months. Although it has been two years. Originally it wasn't so bad. Since the 6 months have ended I have always intended to move out so I have always thought well I'll just put up with it then go. However as I said I have lived here longer than intended so it would be worth me going to citizen's advice as I said. The other issue is who is responsible. It is a house of multipt occupation with around 14 rooms. Now the rooms are rented individually not as a whole. If he rented the whole house to a group of people they would be responsible for cleaning it most of the time. However because he is renting it to individuals it's get complicated. He could say it is the tennents responsibility to clean the bathrooms. However if he hasn't specified that in the contract it normally becomes the landlords responsibility by default. So it would be worth me trying to find the contract and then go to citezens advice.
  5. Gunnersauraus

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    I've read Corbyn wants to tackle bad landlords. I haven't read his plans though so can't comment to much. I live in a flat with a shared bathroom which isn't fit for human use in my opinion. I mean I will go to the toilet but I go over to my parent's to shower. I would personally welcome any laws which help this
  6. I'm joking mate. That's why there was a wink. Although let's be fair mate you are very biased towards anything Dutch. Not having a go at you though we all have biases.
  7. He's Dutch of course he would be
  8. I think ancelotti could be a good short term appointment. If there was a chance of getting him till the end of the season I would be happy
  9. Gunnersauraus

    Last movie you watched?

    Ow right. Really liked the last one. I think it could make a good TV series actually.
  10. Gunnersauraus

    Last movie you watched?

    Where do you live it hasn't been released in most countries ?
  11. Gunnersauraus

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    I was trying to explain to my auntie once that hung parliaments do work in some countries. She's a very educated person but quite closed minded and can't understand new ideas. I can see how a hung parliament could work well if parties agree on most issues or if people listen to eachother. It just seems to me that some people don't listen what other people say.
  12. Gunnersauraus

    Truth or Myth - Stereotypes about your country/city

    There's a stereotype of people from Bristol preferring rugby. Although football is far more popular. There is also a cider drinker steriotype. Although I don't think it is anymore popular than lager or beer.
  13. Gunnersauraus

    UK General Election 2019 & Brexit Discussion

    @Fairy In Boots Norway has no national debt. I don't think they are cutting back on socialist policies. You say socialism isn't sustainable but yet Norway and other Scandinavian countries have used these policies for a long time and been very successful with them. They are not actually socialist countries they just have elements are socialism. They have free markets. However I don't have enough knowledge to really have any kind of debate on the subject. Out of interest how anti socialism are you? Would you scrap the NHS? How far would you go?
  14. @RandoEFC apparently you have been linked with Emery. What would be your thought on that?