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  1. Who are you and what have you done with happyblue. He never admits city lost fairly
  2. According to the telegraph you are right. It clearly isn't a deliberate handball so the goal should stand. But it won't next season. Sorry @Happy Blue beaten fair and square
  3. I think it's this year. Even if it was the old rules his hand changes the direction of the ball so it would have been disallowed anyway
  4. @Cicero have you got the quote from the rule book? I know you managed to get it before. I managed to find an article which says that of the ball touches a players hand even if it is accidental the goal is disallowed. So I think that means that even if the players arms are right by his side it is still disallowed.
  5. City certainly haven't had the rub of the green over the last two years that is for sure.
  6. Valencia should go through. Think they will be a very difficult team for us if we get through
  7. Only consistentcy can stop Chelsea going through
  8. Well to be fair you have been better in it so far.
  9. To be honest we have been terrible away from home in the knockouts. I think we will play defensively. Hopefully we get through. Really can't call it through.
  10. Gunnersauraus

    Joey Barton at Fleetwood Town

    I always wanted him to go to a club managed by Roy Keane. I really don't like Roy Keane either but I think he would have given Barton a smack
  11. Gunnersauraus

    2019 Gold Cup Draw

    Nah in all seriousness I hadn't heard of Martinique but heard of the rest
  12. Gunnersauraus

    2019 Gold Cup Draw

    USA and Mexico
  13. Gunnersauraus

    2019 Gold Cup Draw

    I haven't even heard of some of those countries
  14. Football fans in general tend to be pretty black and white I think