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  1. Obviously it's gonna be harder against better teams
  2. Chile maybe. Just checked your record against uraguay they regularly beat you. You beat Croatia in a friendly. It was a strange thing to bring that up.
  3. Strange statement mate if I'm honest but never mind not worth getting upset over it.
  4. Gunnersauraus

    Arsenal Discussion

    Ha ha. I was watching the highlights of the Burnley game earlier. I was saying to my dad that is luiz, no that's guendouzi, no actually it is luiz
  5. Croatia got to the world cup final Brian. You beat them in a friendly so what.
  6. You have basically covered every result there as a prediction
  7. You beat Uruguay in the Copa America but they are generally better than you. No way are you better than Croatia.
  8. It does hit the top of his arm which is a handball. No one likes the new rule but no one has said that under the new rules that goal should have stood. Again sterling was offside last week no one has debated that. You should have had a penalty though I'll give you that.
  9. Gunnersauraus


    So in cricket is it just excepted that county cricket teams loose their best players to international duty? Do they have to compensate the county teams? @Stan
  10. Well we once panicked and bought an injured player who never played so things are getting better
  11. Quite good actually in the end.
  12. I think he will play well. Think he is so happy to be back. Thoughts @Harvsky
  13. Gunnersauraus

    Arsenal Discussion

    What's happened to the Sami khedira deal?
  14. You have man city twice
  15. Interesting that most are going for arsenal to get fourth. I think it's more to do with the state Utd and Chelsea are in than us being better