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  1. I do think brexit has caused alot of issues with Johnson's reign. The hardcore brexiters wont admit he ever does anything wrong. It happens the other way as well. Hardcore Corbyn supporters can be just as bad. Doesn't mean it should though
  2. I think there is a second line that they dont show on tv and it has to be past that one. I think I heard that but not 100% sure. I watched it in the pub and it looked like his foot was ahead of the white pitch markings so looked offside but I doubt the pitch markings are that straight. There is more leniency I think this season so it probably was. Didnt matter in the end.
  3. He was the conservative leader and no doubt knew about it though so he still had responsibilities. Leaders of parties get forced to resign for things all the time they weren't directly responsible for so I don't feel that it is necessary for him to have been there personally
  4. Weren't people allowed to see their relatives on Christmas day from what I remember? I know Christmas parties weren't allowed though.
  5. Millwall is a team I probably wouldn't go to watch arsenal against. Leeds fans can be cunts as well. I went to leeds in the fa cup in 2011. A large group of Leeds fans we saying if you hate leeds utd have a go to two arsenal fans who were drunk.
  6. I remember when millwall came to Bristol city a few years ago. They were taunting the city fans from the bus. Then the bus had to stop because of a bridge slide. The city fans caught the bus on fire to get to them. I remember being stuck in traffic because of it.
  7. The fact is whether right or wrong you have to lead by example. If the prime minister is breaking the rules then other people will. Then innocent people suffer. It's like when there was no repercussions for Cummings breaking the rules. People started to break the rules themselves. This government is despicable. The worst in my time.
  8. @CaaC (John) @Bluewolf one of you two must have watched it at some point
  9. @Devil-Dick Willie @The Palace Fan I supposed maybe the right result could of been cody going through the table then losing. He probably would have got more respect then. Going though the table then winning does seem a bit backward like what I said.
  10. He suppose maybe he could of put andre through the table but then he would of got the credit not cody.
  11. I think cody needed to go through the table to thrust andre out the way. Really the one who goes through the table should get pinned so it was a bit backwards but it was still great in my opinion. Like I said I'm not to keen on cody but fair play that was brave
  12. The fact is the government shouldn't have done it. Whether people were or not is irrelevant it's the government they're not supposed to do things like that. I dont remember any prime minister getting away with what Johnson has. The you support the conservatives because you think they are better for the country that none thing. But to defend jonson and say he is a good person is just wrong I think. Hes clearly not a good person
  13. I get what you mean. But I didn't break the rules and so I feel its perfectly reasonable to have a go at him. I expect governments to be better than that
  14. Liverpool are definitely contenders this year. Along with city, Chelsea and beyern. Real Madrid maybe have a chance but I cant see anyone out the 4 I mentioned winning it really.
  15. If they both got robbed then it evens out doenst it? I haven't seen the decisions you talk about so cant comment
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