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  1. Impressed by adam cole so far. Cant see him staying heel for to long hes to popular
  2. Also a lot more people have had the vaccine than not so you have had less deaths from a higher number. There isn't a vaccine debate among experts. Its almost unanimously agreed to be safe
  3. When I'm at work (as a chef) I will drink 8 litres plus in the summer
  4. I was gonna ask you if the get Rafa brigade are out. What's your personal feeling? Didnt want him but if he makes us better who cares?
  5. According to soccer saturday they weren't creating alot either. I just dont think city win as many games as Chelsea if they aren't playing well. City can score lots of goals no doubt. But you cant play well every game. City score goals when they play well, where as Chelsea can play shit and still win. That's why I think Chelsea will win the league this season
  6. I think not having a striker could cost city the title this year. Admittedly they are still scoring a lot of goals but I think it could cost them. Maybe they will spend whatever it cost to get haaland or kane in january??
  7. Got to admit I dont know why they didn't change that or at least tell the referee to look at it.
  8. It was just what I've heard. Could be wrong. But I like forest. Sometimes you just like a certain club.
  9. I like Houghton nice guy. I spoke to a British city fan and he wanted him to be their next manager there. I dont want derby or forest to go down. Derby filled there stadium on a Monday evening when they were already relegated in 2008. I went to the game and was very impressed with their support. Also from what I have heard Forrest supporters are good as well. They know they aren't a massive club and they know what they did under clough was a once in a lifetime achievement that will probably never be repeated
  10. England beat north Macedonia 8.0. To be honest 20.0 wouldn't have flattered England. @Eco I think your girls would have put 12,13 goals past them so still a lot of work for England
  11. Yeah I know. That was what I meant. It was good management. I get the impression impact wrestling years ago would have pushed him straigh at main event level? Aew seem to have learned alot from their mistakes. What do you think of punks in ring ability?
  12. 11 attempts in under 20 minutes for England
  13. England almost scored in 30 seconds. Should get double figures here
  14. I'd say hes a bit more than confident. Hes not the best but hes still good. Interesting that they are starting of punk with a midcard rivalry but danielson is at main event level straight away
  15. That still sounds more like an infection to me. You have to have a massive amount of wax for it to feel like that.
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