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  1. I dont have a computer to do it with. I could go to a local gamestoor I suppose. They would take it back if it was faulty. Or you could burn it for me and send it to me?
  2. I knew you were gonna say to do something I dont know how to do. Clever people always do that
  3. I have an original playstation at home. It's about 23 years old but still works. I've got a few old games I play sometimes. One of them is tekken 3 but it has got scratched and so doesn't work well. I could get a new one online but there is a risk it may be a bad copy. Any ideas anyone?
  4. @RondónEFC @Honey Honey I think Watford appointing Hodgson could be bad news for both of you?
  5. I dont know if there is alot I would watch on it. How would I get it to work on my tv. Bare in mind its about 7 years old and some things dont work on it.
  6. Small soldiers 8/10 Entertaining film about toy soldiers that start attacking everybody after a military chip is put in them Surprising violent, I think it got a 12 even though the plot would suggest its aimed at kids
  7. Terrible result. We really had a chance today to give ourselves a good chance of top 4 with spurs playing away at Chelsea
  8. I miss @CaaC (John) When he hasn't posted for more than ten minutes
  9. Apparently Comoros have to put an outfield player in goal against Cameroon because their goalkeeper has covid
  10. Hes clearly onside. His arms are out which perhaps makes it look like hes offside but hes clearly on.
  11. So does who ever looses go out or is there a losers play off. I remember that happening before. If so some big teams will miss out
  12. I actually said 2013 mate. I saw the 2003 one in the cinema. I actually liked texas chainsaw massacre 3 which had terrible reviews but was more pure horror from what I remember. I'll watch it even if the reviews are terrible.
  13. So there is a new texas chainsaw masacre film coming out in a few weeks on netflix. Apparently it will be more pure horror like the original. There are rumours that no one wanted to buy it and so it might be pretty bad but I'll probably watch it anyway. I liked the texas chainsaw film they did in 2013. Although none of the sequels have had particularly great reviews.
  14. To be honest it was a ridiculous post. Posts like that dont even deserve a response.
  15. That is absolute bollocks. We're not in cold war times. Bond can be black. And elba is younger than Daniel craig
  16. Strange decision. He would have worked well with dante martin. I get if they wanna push martin as a singles competitor but he has joined with Jay lethal so that doesn't seem to be the case. I thought he could of been good in aew.
  17. For a second there I thought you said he squirted in his face
  18. Its tends to be the other way and they get given offside when they may not be. Not seen it but I'd be surprised if it was offside.
  19. I actually explained what I meant really badly. I get it but I think it's a bit daft. I mean apparently reigns isnt great at wrestling or good on the mike but is the main man in wwe because of the look. At least lesner was a good wrestler years ago. Dont know what he is like now. Saying that I use to like the big show when I was young Personally I'd rather watch smaller guys who can wrestle better
  20. Yeah even though bond has been Scottish and english, and he has gone from being older to younger he cant be black That's why I think it would be good because it would be funny to see the breakdown and excuses they come out with @Whiskey
  21. @The Palace Fan @6666 I watched a bit of smackdown last night. I really dont get why reigns is pushed so hard. I watched wwe a bit when cena was there and I got why he was pushed. Not everyone liked him but I got it. With reigns I dont. If he's a few inches smaller and adam cole is a few inches taller for me adam cole is the main star. I think @Devil-Dick Willie said that wrestling iant about wrestling but I really dont get it. Same with lesner hes never there hes said he doesn't even like wrestling.
  22. Good the matchday threads are up to the normal standard now @Stan is back.
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