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  1. Paulinho Dybala

    Catalonia and Independence

  2. Paulinho Dybala

    Who Will Win the 2017/18 Champions League?

    Who might that be mate??
  3. Paulinho Dybala

    Campeonato Brasileiro - Brazil

    Flamengo vs Fluminense this Thursday October 12th at the Maracana, THE BIGGEST Rio de Janeiro rivalry. May the best team win Fluminense>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Flamengo
  4. Paulinho Dybala

    Spanish Sports Press | Front Pages

    Thank you mate for the daily dose Must say I'm surprised there's no mention at all about Puigdemont and his key address today. How it could potentially affect Barca etc. etc. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-41562155
  5. Paulinho Dybala

    Who Will Win the 2017/18 Champions League?

    I must admit that I'd dismissed Bayern as a potential Champions League winner this season, but having Jupp Heynckes as coach certainly changes things. Certainly didn't expect him to manage Bayern again. Talk about a gamechanger. He'll be able to get the best out of Thomas Muller, whom I've always maintained is the heart and soul of Bayern. If you get Muller playing well, the whole team plays well. Bayern may not win the Champions League but they'll certainly be in the conversation now. Will be following Bayern's progress from here on out. Bayern vs PSG on December 5th at the Allianz will be a good barometer of just how far they'll progress under Heynckes.
  6. Paulinho Dybala

    MLB 2017/18 Thread

    Let's go Red Sox!!!!
  7. Has David Luiz EVER been a good defender at any point in his career? I mean, honestly. Never ever rated him as a defender. The nutmegs that "I" did on him en route -> beautiful goals when he was with PSG sticks out in my memory.
  8. Not especially surprising. It's only Bayern.
  9. Paulinho Dybala

    Who Will Win the 2017/18 Champions League?

    Well, let's see: Abramovich purchased Chelsea in 2003, won CL in 2012. Let's assume that 9 years is "the standard" for a good return on investment in the CL. Abu Dhabi acquired City in 2008, which means that, in theory, yes, City should be winning it rather soon. Qatar owned PSG in 2011. Qatar obviously wants to beat the standard and win the CL ASAP by going all out for Neymar, Mbappe et al this season. Arabs and Russkies! lol! The Chinese are obviously seeking to do the same with the Milan clubs by returning Internazionale and Milan to their glory days in Europe. Economic power = political power. Extrapolating further, you can see this becoming the status quo all over the world. The Chinese, Arabs and Russians are rising in the world.
  10. That was a total handball by Ramos. Bjorn Kuipers is always pro-Real Madrid. Their 12th player.
  11. Paulinho Dybala

    Who Will Win the 2017/18 Champions League?

    Wow mate! Not quite sure just how relevant this is I do like City (Guardiola and their Spanish brand of football) so wouldn't mind at all if they win. Like statistically significant stats? Here's a relevant stat: something like 10 out of the last 11 or 12 Champions League winners have all been Group Stage winners (Internazionale (behind Barca) and Real Madrid last season (behind Borussia Dortmund) being the 2 exceptions, I believe it was, can't be ased to look it up now). So look at the Group Winners and in all likelihood you'll have your winner among them. Here's yet another stat: In the years Barca don't win it, whoever eliminates Barca will make it to the Final, at the very least. This has been the case since 2007-2008. Probably was the case even before then. Such is Barca's quality in Europe!
  12. Paulinho Dybala

    Champions League Playoff Round

    Didn't know that. Glad to see OGC Nice still alive in Europe.
  13. Paulinho Dybala

    Ligue 1 2017/18 Chat

    The news articles do PSG scant justice. I'm not a PSG fan, quite the opposite, and find the Qatari moneybags stuff disturbing - but I switched round to watch the second half and was transfixed. PSG played the best 30 minutes of attacking football I've seen for ages, with Neymar both providing individual brilliance and setting up his teammates with chances ( while behaving like a gent, despite some rough challenges). They were 2-1 ahead when Veratti got sent off, correctly, after a second yellow. Cue to bring on defenders and shut up shop? No, they brought on Pastore, attacked like demons and scored 4 more goals - 3 of which would be on anyone's goal of the month list: Pastore's wonderful curler, Kurzawa's inspired scissors-kick, and, the best of the lot, Neymar tricking his way brilliantly past 4/5 defenders then shooting. Poor defending? No, no defence would have stopped the goals. As for the old chestnut about the poor standard of the French league: like most others these days, they have a handful of good teams (PSG, Monaco, Lyon, Marseille getting there) who could and do give anyone a game - and who do at least as well in the Champions League as the PL giants.
  14. It'd be very intriguing to see this Zidane's Real Madrid's team vs Heyncke's treble-winning Bayern and Guardiola's Barcelona. Heyckes' team that season a veritable "tika-taka on steroids". Guardiola's Barca still the most beautiful football ever seen. As a lifelong Barca fan, I suppose the biggest compliment I can pay this Real Madrid's team under Zidane is: Zidane's Real may not be considered among the very best in history just yet, but they are well on their way. As ruthlessly efficient a team as you'll ever see. They're like a machine. "Get it done." Their set pieces and crosses are legendary. Pin-point accuracy and assists. Marcelo and Carvajal bombing forward every chance they get is the stuff of nightmares for every opposing team. If they wanted to and focused (even against the "lesser teams"), they could probably win every single game. A very intimidating and formidable opponent, this Real. "Just how "Great" is Zidane's "Real Madrid"? http://edition.cnn.com/2017/06/02/sport/greatest-teams-ever-champions-league-final-real-madrid-ajax-ac-milan-liverpool-puskas-di-stefano-ronaldo-cruyff-juventus-ucl-final/index.html
  15. Paulinho Dybala

    FC Barcelona Discussion

    I completely agree. Objectively speaking, Messi isn't just the best football player of all time, he's the single best athlete/sportsperson of all time. What he does......it's Art in its purest essence. All hyperbole aside, he's the best Football Player of All Time, AT THE VERY LEAST. Having said that, FC Barcelona has LONG existed and thrived (with varying degrees of success, obviously) way before Messi ever came on the scene. Sure, there have been a significant increase in trophies with Messi but I have no doubt that if and when Messi does retire, say, 5 years from now, Barca will BUILD UPON his legacy and go on to achieve even greater heights of success. Success breeds success, and FC Barcelona will survive and thrive long after the "once in a lifetime entity that is Messi", (whom we are truly blessed and fortunate to bear witness to and admire) has hung up his boots and rode off into the sunset, as it were.