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  1. Dreamer7

    Dating, Relationships and Marriage Thread

    Today I just got into a argument with my wife of 5 years. She called me at work crying thinking that I was cheating on her. She found some spam email about cam xxx chat and she thinks that I`m looking at other women because I don't love her. I asked her why is it OK if we watch porn/cams together and laugh about it, but when T look at porn it`s wrong, it`s cheating, disgusting etc... I understand if I look at porn/cams 24/7 then yes it`s a problem, but once in a blue moon it`s that wrong?
  2. Dreamer7

    Ladies feet

    I also don't care about feet.
  3. Dreamer7

    Your favourite names

    Eva, Christina, Mark, Tomas
  4. Dreamer7

    Favourite Airlines

    Turkish Airlines and Emirates
  5. Dreamer7

    The Holiday Thread

    My son and myself visited Athens last month and are thinking of going back for 4 nights at the end of October. We really loved it and would now be more confident in exploring a bit more, and also taking a day trip out to possibly Delphi/Nafplio ( there must be so much to choose from!). BUT! I have also been looking at Thessaloniki, and we could actually get a full week there for the same price as 4 nights in Athens.I have heard that the food in Thessaloniki is amongst the best in Greece, but we would not be interested in "" fine dining "", just good, honest Greek food and drink at reasonable prices. I would like to ask firstly if there are plenty of local tavernas /ouzeries and how do prices compare with the Island resorts? Should I rent a car from service like Thessaloniki Car Rental? Finally, would there be enough to keep us occupied for a full week (my son is 18, and I`m a wrinkly so there would not be any clubbing involved !). Hahaha Sorry if this post sounds a bit confused, but I`m! Would really appreciate any advice on what is quite a pleasant dilemma to have!
  6. I want to learn how to bet on sports. I have been following the sports news for a long time and I will not dare to do it. I've made my decision now. Sport is my hobby, so I have to try to make good money on it. I found this website https://bonus.co.ke/ here. I'm interested in your opinion on this. If you have experience in sports betting, I ask for feedback. Thank you!
  7. Dreamer7


    Superb match. I want to try my hand at sports betting https://registration.info.ke/ It is important for me to find like-minded people.
  8. Dreamer7

    The Bookmakers

    I`m pretty good at sports betting and it is simply because I spend 50% of my day watching sports and going through statistics and news. For me, it is much simpler and more interesting to make money with sports bets. The best platform is https://1xbet.onl/ They have many bonuses and nice features that can help you to learn everything about the match.
  9. Dreamer7

    Not so hyped countries you want to visit

    Greece. Greece has always been a budget-friendly destination compared to other popular destinations around Europe, and you can easily have a nice vacation with good food and accommodation without breaking the bank. I love to rent a car (link removed - no advertising!) and drive around the islands and explore hidden places far away from the main tourist attractions. It’s so easy and convenient, and you feel the freedom. Renting a scooter and explore on your own is something everyone should do while they visit Greece!
  10. Dreamer7

    How many countries have you visited?

    Germany, France, Cyprus, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Greece (by the way, if you really want to explore the best of the island I would highly recommend a car at least for a few days from this Car Rental in Greece service. Getting to some of the best beaches, such as Porto Katsiki and Gialos, is impossible by public transport (unless you use taxis, in which case it might end up costing more than renting a small car).
  11. Dreamer7

    What Are You Currently Reading?

    "Life to the Limit"
  12. Dreamer7

    Your Expensive Habits

    It was smoking, but in the past