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  1. So, my peers and me at work today were writing a document to present to our higher ups about why we shouldn't use a particular software paradigm because it is truly resource intensive. While we were all on call and having a working session one of us said "Hey you try that ChatGPT yet?" and then the fun and a bit of madness ensued. One of us took our problem that we were trying to well craft and put it into the API and it spat out something that shocked all of us because it not only covered our concerns but offered solutions that other big providers have already done. Furthermore, with some more specific tweaking it actually wrote out a whole two paragraphs of text that we all read and stamped with our approval. Link - Quickstart tutorial - OpenAI API I am honestly blown away by what it can learn and what it does with that learning. As a part of my exercise for 2023 I'll be using the API infra to write emails and if I get the time I'll even use it to reply to messages in chat. Just plain crazy. @nudge IDK if you've tried it yet
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