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Found 25 results

  1. I imagine a swap deal between him and Neymar will dominate the media in the summer.
  2. Dembele been told to find a new club?
  3. 23 year old PSG central midfielder Adrien Rabiot is being heavily linked with a move to FC Barcelona. The French-Catalan footballer is adamant that he wants the move to Barcelona and due to two factors this could come to fruition. One factor is the fact Paris Saint-Germain have to deposit money into their club bank account due to the mounting issues they have with UEFA's FFP and add to this the fact Rabiot has started his final year in his current contract, then PSG who have been eternally hesitant to sell any of their stars (especially to Barça) could see their hand forced. Barcelona directors have been in constant talks with PSG's owner (Nasser Al-Khelaifi) himself and Barça have encountered a much more friendlier welcome than in the past. There is also the possibility that Rabiot could be playing the old trick of forcing a new and much more lucrative contract by using the fact he is in his final season with the possibility that PSG get nothing for his m next summer.
  4. It was 2008 and Barça's president Joan Laporta was 2 years into his tenure when he had to let go of Frank Rijkaard as the head coach due to a depression that was set in and starting to cause dry rot... The route was looking more downwards than anything that subsequently occurred that summer and changed the course not only of the club but would also bolster and take the Spain national side onto a whole new era. It is known that the first candidate for the hot seat at FC Barcelona was a well known coach to all who was doing a year's sabbatical after leaving Chelsea Football Club... That man was Jose Mourinho who even created a 90 page dossier on what he would do where contacted by the club he subsequently handed it in himself at the offices. What occurred after that nobody knows for sure (Laporta has always refused to comment) and there are various theories as to why Mourinho wasn't accepted... But the man who took the helm was of course Josep Guardiola and the rest is modern football history. Out of the door went fan favourites like Ronaldinho and Deco with various players from the Barcelona 'B' team and even lower, the 'C' squad playing in regional football coming in. This particular piece is on a guy playing in that 'C' side. Guardiola started his first team coaching career in a stuttering manner with a defeat away to Numancia. Guardiola then made the big changes that mark the course of his early career by bringing in a young chap from that Barcelona 'C' side called Sergio Busquets, the son of a past second goalkeeper in the Cruyff's years. That second game in La Liga was against Racing Santander and Busquets was given the all important role of anchoring the defence, robbing the ball from his adversaries and being the link and lynchpin in the tempo and mechanics of the team. The then Racing coach José Ramón López Muñiz was interviewed by MARCA some months back and when he looked back at that game he said; "I have to admit that I didn't even know who he was. I knew the Barça 'B' team and I didn't know him and asked my technical staff if they knew him. They told me he was the son of Carles Busquets who was part of the Cruyff's Dream Team squad. To be honest I couldn't believe what I'd seen that day because how can a guy playing in regional football come and dictate a first division game playing for one of the most important clubs on the planet." Indeed... Such an impression was made that the new head coach of Spain, Vicente del Bosque called him up for the next national team meet up and Marcos Senna never played again for Spain after having been so important in Luis Aragonés' victory in the 2008 European Championships. From regional football to playing for FC Barcelona, to playing for Spain, to winning 28 career club honours, to winning a World Cup and a European Championship with Spain. Johan Cruyff said this; "This is what it's all about. As a coach you have to find that special piece that without it nothing works. Iniesta and Xavi desperately needed Sergio Busquets because it freed them to be artists." Vicente del Bosque said this; "If I could choose to be any player in the world today, it wouldn't be Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. I would choose to be Busquets because without him you are not going to win absolutely anything and curiously enough he doesn't make the headlines because people don't look in that direction for the reasons to success. But I can assure you that without him you won't have succes, that's a guarantee!" "Busquets thinks about the collective to the detriment of his multitude of natural virtues. How can a coach not love a player like that? It's any coach's dream." So the guy with no social media accounts to his name, the guy that never makes an untoward comment that makes the headlines, the man that never makes the FIFA or UEFA top 3 lists happens to be the chap that put the cogs in place for Josep Guardiola's career and helped his country go onto dominate world football for a considerable amount of time. What would've happened had Mourinho been offered the job? This isn't a jab at anyone but a celebration of being gifted a player that many never had even heard of other than on the muddy fields of regional Spanish football. SERGIO BUSQUETS
  5. Leões! The first time I am managing out of England since Football Manager 2007 and I'm taking my self to the Estádio José Alvalade. It's a new dawn in Lisboa following the replacement of club president Bruno de Carvalho who was likened to Donald Trump. So let's get to it...
  6. Take The Ball, Pass The Ball is being touted as one of the most insightful and dramatic football documentaries ever made. Both The Guardian and Universal Studios have teamed together to create this magical piece of real life football drama based on the years Pep Guardiola coached FC Barcelona. Footage never seen before, interviews never conceded by footballer's before on this subject have now been released and permitted for everyone that loves football to enjoy. Everything on how Johan Cruyff's instructions, dreams and wishes came to fruition via what he saw as his non biological son, Josep Guardiola. The evolution of Cruyffism made into reality! The documentary is soon to be released... Here you have the trailer.
  7. Christian Eriksen is yet to sign a new contract. He has 18 months left to run on his current contract and has been linked with Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid. As uncertainty hangs over his future at Tottenham, is Christian Eriksen's heart elsewhere? @Storts
  8. The Palace Fan

    Ousmane Dembélé

    For £97m i think it's fair to assume he should be having a much bigger impact at Barcelona. Why do you think he isn't reaching his full potential as of yet at Barcelona?
  9. Well, I'm glad the title got your attention. Arthur has played nine games for Barcelona and the early signs are pretty encouraging. How far could this kid go in his career?
  10. FC Barcelona have redisigned their club crest to bring it upto date in the new minimalist era. The changes are quite subtle but clean the badge up by eliminating outlines and widening the blaugrana (red and blue). Plus also the Cross of Saint George is more prominent with a partitioning outline along the border (the only outlining. Here are the 7 major differences; The club acronym FCB is eliminated. The Blue & Red lines become wider and more prominent with them also becoming longer vertically. Again a change in the Blue & Red lines which go down from seven to five which is the authentic amount in the new crest. The Football in the centre of the blue & red lines moves slightly higher and becomes bigger. All the black Outlining within the badge is eliminated making it a cleaner minimalist approach like in the new Atlético Madrid crest. The Gold colour surrounding and separating the three sections changes to Yellow. The colours within the three sections continue the Three Points, Centre and Bottom instead of being rounded off. The changes the FC Barcelona Crest has seen since the club's foundation in 1899.
  11. For enhancing the town's reputation over the years for obvious reasons. One of the greatest ever footballers to play the game. His honours with Barcelona and Spain emphasise that. The way he played and approached the game said it all. Just hope it's not the same guy who did the Ronaldo statue
  12. So the work has gotten underway with the future of the Camp Nou and the Espai Barça which will se the club enter the 21st century and beyond with all of their facilities from spectator enjoyment, tourist attraction and obviously the most futuristic technology available and beyond for the footballers and all of Barcelona's other multitude of sports like basketball for example where the club are one of the best in the world. It all begins with the Barcelona 'B' team stadium where the Mini Estadi is being knocked down to build the new Estadi Johan Cruyff and all the other facilities all the way to infant level at La Masia. The work is already underway in the building of the stadium... Then we have the Espai Barça (Barça Space) which is two select parts of the city of Barcelona especially all that which surrounds the Camp Nou being turned into an FC Barcelona World. No club has ever dedicated so many metres squared to itself renovating and reforming a decent chunk of a city. Finally, here we have the spectacular videos released yesterday by the club showing the process of the Estadi Johan Cruyff, Espai Barça and obviously the New Camp Nou which will have its capacity raised from almost 99,000 to over 105,000 plus all the modern technology put in place with an interactive roof that will cover the whole football arena.