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Found 14 results

  1. He's been banging them in for Santos after a difficult spell with Internazionale. Apparently he's open to talks with English clubs and the word on the street is that a deal has already been done for him to sign for Everton - initially as a six month loan deal with an option to buy at the end. Inter themselves are open to keeping him but are falling foul of FFP so are prepared to let him go. Fenerbache are also sniffing but Barbosa has been quoted as saying ''bollocks to that'' to a TF365 reporter.
  2. In light of both @LFCMadLad and @Cannabis shivering away from their usual fishing selves and pretending they're not bothered about this weekend's fixture due to the fear of defeat, I thought I'd start this poll. What do you think is the most fierce modern day rivalry in the Premier League?
  3. Well Everton fans had to wait a while for his debut but it seems worth the wait. Three Premier League games now where he's looked solid in the middle of the park for Everton and done everything asked of him. The big question us what do you think he should do at the end of the season? Should he stay at Everton if they keep getting the best out of him? Should he hold on for a Champions League? Or should he hold out to see if there's an opening at Barcelona?
  4. Never nice to hear of this happening. Heard he went off in a neck-brace yesterday but didn't know the extent of the injury as sometimes it's precautionary. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45314844 Hope he makes a full recovery. Hope he can come back properly as injuries like that can have a severe psychological effect. Good luck to him.
  5. With Kroenke making his move at Arsenal, Usmanov is being linked with us again, potentially buying Kenwright out of his share of the club.
  6. Over the next few months I'm going to take one club and try my best to turn them into a dominant force in the game both in the league and competitions. With any luck the Champions League will have our name embedded in its surface a few times over. A favourite game of mine in my youth was FIFA. Having recently stumbled across my hidden collection of games it caught my eye and also gave me an idea. Despite the game being flawed in more ways than not the career mode provided me with hours of entertainment, thus driving me to start this. My team has been decided by a random number generator. Must have been Cannabis on the other end as that team is none other than Everton. To get a feel I'm starting on an older version of the game, namely FIFA 14. Also because I can't afford to get the latest version. This way I can also craft the squad with familiar players and hopefully make some better judgements of where this is going. Without further ado here we go. The trawl begins.
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