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Next Motherwell Manager

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Not an inspiring bunch of names linked with the post, but they've made the correct decision to sack McGhee now.

The team's performances against Dundee and against Aberdeen were disgraceful. Especially with a squad filled with experienced professionals. In honesty, they looked like they had quit on him.

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Decision to sack McGhee was correct. Not simply from the perspective of the results spiralling but his rants towards the media, SFA and officials in general, especially when he has his connections to the Scotland National Team at the moment!  It all added up and didn't create too much of a positive picture overall.

It'll be interesting to see who does get the post.  At this time in the season it'll be a bit of a challenge.

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A thoroughly uninspiring choice by Motherwell. And the shortness of the contract he has been given shows how little faith they really have in him.

Granted, they improved a whole lot between their two games at Pittodrie but it would be hard to concede sevens times again.

If they are still relying on an aging McManus, Lasley, Hammell, Pearson and McDonald next season, I'd be fearful for their chances.

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