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Top 42 Albums

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We did something similar on the old site.

There's an option on the site that lets you choose what kind of collage you want to make (make sure to turn on the 'album titles' option). I went for the top 42 as it looks the cleanest and has a clear top 10. I figured that I could have done a top 100 but when I get to around the 70th album I'm just filling the gaps with albums I don't listen to on a daily basis anymore, or ever really, so the point would be somewhat lost. Now this looks totally different from what my top 42 looked like two years ago, so these are the top 42 albums I find the most listenable as of January 2020. 5 years ago I would have only two or three hip hop albums in this list...



To make it more interesting and not just a thread filled with images I think we could leave a few lines about each of the albums in the top 10.


The Beatles 'White Album' - A shift from their happy and loving sounding works released previous to this, to a more hard rock and experimental sound. Paul McCartney does it all in this album, showing he can pull off the perfect melody in any genre one can think of. From the most disarmingly soft tracks to the loudest ones in the Beatles catalogue, the White Album has it all.

Tame Impala 'Lonerism' - If The Beatles, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd made an album together, this might be close to what it would sound like. I'm a sucker for the psychadelic genre so might be a bit suspect here, but this album became one of my favourites of all time after the first listen. My advice is get yourself an expensive pair of headphones and have a blast listening to this on repeat whilst trying to find all the layers. Kevin Parker is a musical genius.

Alex Turner 'Submarine' -  Not much to say here. Possibly just another acoustic album to many but the delivery is so impecable and the lyrics so vivid that it makes this little EP some heavenly shit. 10/10 no skips.

Brokchampton 'Saturation III' - Gorillaz meets Childish Gambino? Kind off. This album is the last of a thrilogy which I recommend. The creativity is off the charts.

Queens of the Stone Age '...Like Clockwork' - This is a very dark, concept album written by Homme after a near death experience. Seems to be somewhat underlooked but it's a modern day masterpiece as far as I'm concerned.

Tyler, The Creator 'Scum Fuck Flower Boy' - Some masterful production. It seems improbable that someone like Tyler The Creator would come up with such beautiful composition but there you go. I think this was a milestone for both him and hip-hop as a genre. Difficult to top.

Danny Brown 'Atrocity Exhibition' - The most "out there" prodution you'll ever find in a rap album. Some seriously wild shit going on in here. Love it.

The Dead Weather 'Sea of Cowards' - Rock n' Roll lives.

Frank Ocean 'Blonde' - A flawless album if I ever listened to one. The epitome of R&B.

Wolf Alice 'Visions of a Life' - This is a mix of dream pop and punk rock that I really like. Saw them live two years ago and never stopped listening ever since.

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Stop upvoting the OP and post something of your own you lazy lurkers xD

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2 hours ago, Machado said:

Stop upvoting the OP and post something of your own you lazy lurkers xD

I'll do it later. Coming up with a top 10 list is hard enough in itself, picking my top 42 albums will be more time consuming than it probably should be.

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