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UEFA Club Coefficients

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I rather enjoy keeping up with this list as it's UEFA's attempt to ranking the separate leagues. 

I do think that this year Russia is going to lose their 7th place standing (to Belgium) and thus lose the spot where their champion gets in Pot 1 of the CL Draw. 

After the group stages, Russia had all 6 teams eliminated. Their best year 15/16 will drop off after this year, and Belgium still has 2 teams left (Brugge and Gent), but both teams are likely to lose their draws in the Europa league. 

Any other interesting changes that could upcoming? 


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I think last year I was looking to see how the coefficients were calculated and remember seeing this.


There's also this little tweet if anyone is interested in a snapshot view

Back on topic, nice to see what one year of not enough Spanish sides in the semis did for the numbers.

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Scotland will have 2x Champions League spots, 1x Europa League and 2x Conference League.

It also is looking likely from 22-23, there will be an automatical group stage spot.

Will make a change from the champions usually having to start in the first qualifying round.

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