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Burundiliga prediction league

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For those of you with Football withdrawl or football betting withdrawal you still have White Russia, Nicaragua and Burundi playing football (have to assume Belarus will shut down soon?). We are coming to the exciting conclusion of the Burundiliga, with four games left in the season, we have a two horse race for the title between Le Messager FC de Ngozi on 54 points and upstarts Musongati on 51 points, with an extra game left to play.

1.Le Messager Ngozi        26        15        9        2        43:15        54        
2.Musongati        25        14        8        3        33:17        50
It is a two horse race in the Burundiliga, can horses catch and transmit covid 69?  The self isolation is getting to me,  I now have become a lifelong supporter of the Burundiliga and they canit cancel it, they got no frickin covidvirus in Burundi!  Now really people, stay home and limit your interactions, I have been self isolating up here in the mountains of Quebec for over two weeks, the dog is getting tired of going out for walks, I am getting tired of getting drunk with only a dog and wife for company, but it really is something we all can and should be doing- I mean the isolation thing, not getting drunk with your dog.

Honestly, you know what I am watching now? the 1972 Euro qualifier between England and W Germany on youtube, not sure how I got to this game, but the quality of stream and football is good. But no, I want to stay in the now, even if the now kinda sucks.


Rukinzo        vs Musongati        
The Friday Morning game, which I doubt is on tv, they will probably show re runs of ladies curling instead.        Important game, not really a must win for Musongati yet, but should beat 10th place Rukinzo.

Inter Star vs Ngozi City        
Ngozi City is not mathematically relegated, but have to win 3 if not all of the final 4 games. Inter got nothing to play for so away points bonus pick.

Vital'O         vs Le Messager Ngozi        
Vital O is the Real Madrid of the Burundiliga and could upset the title charge of Le Messager.  Match of the week for sure, but rest assured it will not be on tv, instead the will show a replay of the shitty Derby vs Man U FA cup game for the 100th time this week.

Kayanza United        vs Flambeau du Centre        
Kayanza has to keep out of the relegation zone. A win should be enough to keep them safe this season

Les Lierres vs                Athlético Olympic        
they cancelled the Olympics or at least postponed them.  Everything has been cancelled or postponed.

Bujumbura City        vs Bumamuru                
Oh yeah the derby or at least it sounds like it might be a derby?

Olympic Star vs        Lydia Ludic        
Lydia Ludic sounds like she might be Croatian? This is a relegation 6 pointer

Dynamik  vs        Aigle Noir
Aigle Noir will want to hang on to 3rd place

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The withdrawal must've hit you hard. 

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Dont beafraid to make your predictions, this is the only football you got.

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And Burundi postponed games today, so probably only Belarus left playing football. 

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