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Football Manager 2020 Editor

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Something I've just discovered that I didnt previously know. This will be useful for anybody that wants to alter scenarios (ie, wage restrictions in China, make Billy Gilmour and Martinelli reflect their real life potential, create a fantasy scenario) or gets OCD like me and wants the name of Juventus fixed.



The editor can be downloaded from Steam and is really simple.

You can do it by going Library -> Tools -> Football Manager 2020 Editor.


In Game:

Alternatively, if you want to edit the game during your save you can download the tool from FM Scout and pay six quid for the feature. This doesnt let you change league rules, results, players clubs etc  but let's you do everything else. A full list of what you get with your six pound is on the link underneath:


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Bought this when I got the game and I'm going to mess around a little bit with it soon and create a completely new team. I know you can do this in the 'Create a Club' mode but I'd rather do it in the pre-game editor and control a lot more things. Have any of you had any experience of it? I'm going to create new kits and logos etc too.

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