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Revenue Sharing in Scottish Football

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 Revenue Sharing in Scottish football.

A lot of critics of Scottish football say we should use an American model and share revenue generated by the clubs, rather than concentrating the wealth amongst the elite clubs.

I am against this, because it would mean that a club would not be motivated to generate finances for themselves. Also why would a club like Glasgow Rangers or Glasgow Celtic be motivated to build up their attendances, and their stadium, if they had no way of benefiting from the revenue generated by their attendances?

They would cut their stadiums to 20,000 at most, as they would not benefit from home attendances.

I think revenue sharing would be a disaster for Scottish football.

Our biggest teams would get smaller so they would make no impression on Europe.

It would lead to a part time league incapable of keeping top players in the Scottish League. People would not come to Scottish football, because all the clubs would be part time. The fans would travel to other countries to see professional players.

We need elite clubs who can develop players, keep players in Scotland, and perform well in Europe.

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Welcome aboard to TF365 @Inverness Fan, nice to have another Jock aboard and I hope you keep posting more often, I notice that your screen name indicates a Caley Thistle fan and yet your have the Don's showing as your badge?

Anyway, nice to see you here and maybe you might like to pop in here and tell us a little bit more about yourself if you want.  :ay:

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