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Man City overtake Manchester United as Premier League's 'most valuable club

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The Blues came out top in an evaluation of every club based on their 2016 accounts, with a worth of nearly £2.3billion – ahead of Manchester United on £2.23billion.

The study was carried out by a Liverpool University football finance expert, using a model developed by academic Dr Tom Markham which more accurately reflects values by considering factors often overlooked by other studies.

Says Kieran Maguire who conducted the research: “I've accessed all of the accounts of the Premier League clubs for 2015-16, and plugged the numbers into the model.

“The model takes into consideration income, profits, wage control, net assets and unsold seats at games. It is far from perfect, just as all models are, but is a start point it's a good one.

“City pipped United for the first time partly due to the business model of the owners which has left City debt free - without the debt the Glazers have saddled United with they would be worth £3.4 billion.


“City also made a profit on player sales of £21million compared to a loss of £10million by United, mainly due to the disposal of Angel Di Maria in July 2015 I suspect, as well as United paying interest on the debts of £20m in 2015-16.”

United are valued at around £2.1billion on the stock market today and, while City might enjoy the moment, it is not likely to last.

“Whilst City are above United this season, I'm half expecting the positions to reverse when the June 2017 accounts are produced for all clubs in another 12 months,” said Maguire.



Wont be long before we rule supreme, we already hold the English attendance record which proves we are Englands biggest club :ph34r:

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