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I thought there was a topic already but can’t find it for the life of me

Anyone studying at the moment and if so how has Corona effected it?

Ive been on an access course this year and they’ve had to shut the course down as with A-Levels and GCSE’s we’ll be getting predicted grades. Been a proper ball ache though cos they are predicting grades based on the completion of 50% of the course, through no fault of our own we were behind by 4 assignments (2 assignment and an extended research project that counts for two assignments)...essentially we had to complete these  assignments in the space of a week to reach 50% and to get predicted grades. A massive, massacre be ball ache but nearly all done now. I have two tasks to touch up by Friday from one assignment and then that’s me done for the year.

Not going to Uni in the coming year, instead a year after and maybe that was a good choice with everything that’s happening as it’s a. given me time to decide what degree I want to do (started the course thinking of psychology, found that it bores me a bit and that I much prefer Sociology. Then done my EPQ on the Stolen Generations in Australia and found I’d like to do History but with modules based around colonialism, genocide, human rights, feminism etc. so thinking I may do a 75/25 split of History and Sociology), b. time to save money and c. time to potentially not go to Uni during a lockdown social/distancing.

Corona has massively disrupted a lot of plans, some of my classmates may even wait a year for Uni, all adults with commitments etc. One good thing about the year wait is there’s plenty of time to decide the right Uni

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