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Overseas/Disputed Territories That Intrigue You

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So places like Somaliland which are disputed or places that belong to other countries far from the mainland. Such as Puerto Rico or The Falklands.

Have to say, some of Britains overseas territories are absolutely silly such as Pitcairn and Tristan Da Cunha!


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For me, it is that rock in between Japan and S. Korea that the latter obsess over to the point of hilarity. Japan doesn't care about it really but S. Korea treats it like evidence that Korean Jesus exists. 24/7/365 live feeds of the rock are available, all the schools have this live feed blasting on televisions displayed around the classrooms and hallways. It stands as S. Korea's triumphant defiance of Japanese imperialism, as if this rock rectifys a decade of violence and cultural opression. 

Of course, it isn't any of that, it is a fucking rock that an entire nation has double-thought into being important. A delusion that is used to justify their hatred of Japan and their national ego.

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I suppose the only one that has peaked my interest is Famagusta in Cyprus as I've been there. Easily one of my most eerily, slightly creepy but intriguing trips anywhere as I've never really seen a ghost town before.

One of the resorts, Varosha used to be a thriving scene for tourists in the 70's. Miles of sand, grand hotels and many famous people used to visit there such was it's popularity, before Turkish troops invaded Cyprus and took over the northern part of the island.

The inhabitants fled hoping to come back but it never materialised whilst the Turks fenced off the perimeter of the resort.

Now, it's pretty much a no go area there. You can get as far as the border to a look out tower and view with binoculars at all the deserted buildings. Even silly things like people who had washing out on a line remains.

I remember going there to view it on a quad bike and even just before it, you travel through a ghost town where it is dead, buildings and old shops unoccupied.

Then when you get to the lookout point by the fence, it is dead eerie. Pure silence. Turkish guards armed patrolling it, staring at your every move and if you dare enter, it's at your own risk. You cannot even take photos, it's prohibited and anyone who disobey's, there is a licence to shoot on site by all accounts so you don't piss about.

Sadly, whilst the Turks still hold it, it appears it will remain that way unless they can come to a reasonable agreement.





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Ceuta and Melilla are interesting.

Funnily enough, they belong to Spain and the only real way into the cities from Europe is via Gibraltar on the ferry, which is a British overseas territory xD.


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