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National League To Vote on Six Team Play-Offs

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2nd and 3rd get a bye first week, 4th vs 6th and 5th vs 7th in one legged games. The winners of 4th vs 6th and 5th vs 7th progress to play 2nd and 3rd respectively and then the winners of 2nd v 4th/6th meet the winners of 3rd vs 5th/7th in a Final. 

Good idea?

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Not to me. Think this is a ridiculous idea simply because, while it gives those in 2nd and 3rd an advantage due to their position, you could easily have a team in 7th getting promoted. Given how some people hate the current play off system, this makes it even worse.

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Ridiculous IMO. How can you potentially have a team that finishes 7th go up over a team that finishes 2nd? Just to make the playoffs a bit more interesting? This isn't Rugby League.

Just to give you an idea using this season as an example, Tranmere finished 2nd with 95pts. Barrow finished 7th with 75. That's not even close.

Should either be kept as it is or allow 2 automatic places and 3rd to 6th being playoff spots so that three come up and three go down.



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Not sure this is what the National League needs to be concentrating on, if I'm honest. Even if it does give Orient a better mathematical chance of promotion, I'm not sure that there is anything wrong with the play-off system throughout the game, never mind the National Leagues. 

I'm not saying it because Orient now find themselves in that league but I'd be pushing for a third promotion space if I were the National Leagues. The gap between the top end of the National League and bottom end of League Two doesn't seem to be that big, if there even is a gap anymore, and I think three places would make both leagues more entertaining than a six team play-off system. 

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