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Monaco crowned Ligue 1 champions

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Monaco have been crowned winners of the French top flight for the eight time, ending Paris Saint Germain's four year hold on the trophy and winning it for the first time since 2000. 


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Begrudgingly, it's quite an achievement for a team that was in the 2nd tier recently. Granted they spent some insane money to begin with but they've since bought shrewdly and invested wisely in youth. 

Obviously it grates at Marseille seeing Mendy lifting the title with Monaco. But that says everything about our appalling owners during the summer and that Shit show. 

Whilst everyone is talking about Mbappe leaving, I suspect he'll remain for another year whilst the likes of Bernardo Silva and Fabinho are prized away. I hear Lemar is a target for Roma and Juventus so it'll be interesting to see what happens there.

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Great to see that PSG aren't just going to turn up and win ligue 1 every year. There is competition out there. Well done Monaco. They are a class side and play a style of football that no football fan couldn't enjoy to watch. We may not agree with how they have become this successful outfit, although they have still done is as underdogs against a PSG who many thought would dominate ligue 1 for years single handedly with no competition.

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