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Stan's PL Prediction League - Week 38 Table

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So, the season is complete. The Prediction League final scores and final table has been determined. A unique season what with the interruption of COVID delaying the season end by 3 months. 

The eventual winner might argue it was just delaying the inevitable, considering he had led since way back in December, in Week 17. A superb effort from our winner, @Lucas! He held off a spirited fight and chase from @LFCMike but it was too little, too late as the season drew to a close in July, of all months!

We all know Leeds got promoted but on top of that, we also know this is a much more valued achievement! Well done @Lucas - you've retained your title!


Here we have the Final Table, in all its glory...

19-20 38.PNG

For this game-week, @Rajabhat Rovers shone above the rest with a high-score of 19 points, going up 3 places in the process. A shout to @JONO and @Catsmother for the only 2 to get Palace's 1-1 draw with Spurs correct. @RandoEFC and the leader were next best with 16 points.

As is almost tradition, here are some records/stats for the season:

Highest individual scores:

Most Perfect Scores in a Round - the following all got 4 perfect scores, which was the highest at any point during the season

Previous Winners/Hall of Fame:

On that note, the next season I'm sure will be round in no time, and we will continue where we left off! I've enjoyed running this as ever and thank you all for taking part and making it really competitive this season! See you all soon!

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I bloody forgot about doing the last round but I will still look forward to next season when it kicks off nice one @Stan  :congrats:

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Cheers @Stan, another well run competition mate, always enjoy this one so great work.

Unlucky to @LFCMike, you pushed me bloody hard post covid, I thought I was home and dry xD

Well I can't really complain much can I at the moment. Leeds promoted. Current 'Sheep' champ, Prediction winner and possibly the Last Man Standing winner. The famous TF365 Treble? :ph34r:

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