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FA Cup Final - Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea - Saturday 1st August, 2020

FA Cup Final  

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Although disappointing we only had ourselves to blame, all that hard work and pressing and closing down of United to get to the final was sadly missing on this occasion, Great opening goal and a great goal to win it and apart from a few occasions where we looked pretty decent we lacked the drive and ambition needed to win a cup final. When Pulisic went off you just knew that we had lost the one person who might have provided us with an inspirational moment and it just went downhill from there... Thought the sending off was very harsh considering but no doubt some of the over reacting helped sway the ref but even so, some you get, some you don't so not going to cry about that... 

Been a learning curve for Lampard this season and with the side being bolstered with new signings more will be expected in the next, Got the feeling he just has an attacking mindset and not too much of a defensive one and he will need to learn to balance that out because we have not improved in that area at all across the whole season... Consistency as well is another problem, we can play great one game and then flop the next and we still don't have a natural leader in the side..

On a more positive note it's been a breakthrough season for the younger players so very,very happy about that, It's been a long time coming and hopefully long may it continue.. 

Well done Arsenal... 

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