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First Goal - Season Two

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The second edition of the FIRST GOAL competition. This will run til the end of the 2020/21 season (whenever that may be!)

Last season's winner was @Viva la FCB!


  • One game will be chosen by me, usually at least 48 hours before. 
  • Games chosen will be from any competition around the world, usually with some significance or a game of high importance if possible.
  • Players will get 3 points if they guess the correct minute of the game's first goal
    • If it is a 0-0 draw and you predict 'No goal scored', you will also get 3 points.  
  • Players will get 2 points if they are 1 minute out either way i.e. goal scored in 30th minute and predictions are for 29th or 31st minute.
  • Players will get 1 point if they are 2 minutes out either way i.e. goal scored in the 61st minute and predictions are for 59th, 60th, 62nd, or 63rd minute
  • The official goal-time will be taken from flashscores.com
  • It goes without saying that the more often you predict in the competition for each game the more likely you are to finish top! 

This original post will be kept up to date with the rankings and selected fixtures.

All you have to do is post the minute for each game in which you think the First Goal will be scored in - it really is that simple :) . You do not need to post which team, scorer or how the goal will be scored, just the minute!



Predictions made after kick-off will not count.


RANKINGS (after Game 62):



Completed games:


Game 1 - Liverpool vs Leeds - First goal 4th minute. Winners - @Mel81x (5th) & @Bluebird Hewitt (3rd); @Deco (6th)
Game 2 - Southampton vs Brentford - First goal 41st minute. No winners!
Game 3 - Wolfsburg vs Leverkusen - No goals scored. No winners!
Game 4 - Fleetwood vs Everton - First goal 22nd minute. Winner - @Lucas
Game 5 - Galatasaray vs Fenerbahce - No goals scored. No winners!
Game 6 - Liverpool vs Arsenal - First goal 25th minute. Winners - @Dr. Gonzo (26th)
Game 7 - Lazio vs Inter Milan - First goal 30th minute. Winners - Stan (29th) and @fearfull (28th)
Game 8 - Portugal vs Spain - No goals scored. No winners. 
Game 9 - England vs Belgium - First goal 16th minute. Winners - @nudge (17th), @CaaC (John) (14th) & @Pyfish (18th)
Game 10 - Italy vs Netherlands - First goal 16th minute. Winners - @Tommy (16th), @Viva la FCB (14th)
Game 11 - Celtic vs Rangers - First goal 9th minute. Winners - @Mel81x & @Faithcore (9th); @Redcanuck & @Michael (11th), @nudge & @Bluewolf (7th)
Game 12 - Inter Milan vs AC Milan - First goal 12th minute. Winners - @CaaC (John) (12th); @6666 (11th); @Mel81x (14th)
Game 13 - Lazio vs Borussia Dortmund - First goal 6th minute. Winner - @Bluewolf (7th)
Game 14 - Bayern Munich vs Atletico Madrid - First goal 28th minute. Winners - @Dr. Gonzo & @Lucas (26th); Stan (30th)
Game 15 - LAFC vs LA Galaxy - First goal 58th minute. No winners.
Game 16 - Lyon vs Monaco - First goal 12th minute. Winners - @Mel81x & @Michael (12th); @CaaC (John) (14th)
Game 17 - Juventus vs Barcelona - First goal 14th minute. Winners - @DeadLinesman (14th); @Viva la FCB (12th)
Game 18 - Real Sociedad vs Napoli - First goal 55th minute. No winners.
Game 19 - Man Utd vs Arsenal - First goal 69th minute. No winners.
Game 20 - Sampdoria vs Genoa - First goal 23rd minute. Winners - @Tommy & @Redcanuck (23rd); @6666 (24th); @Toinho (21st)
Game 21 - Club Brugge vs Borussia Dortmund - First goal 14th minute. Winners - @DeadLinesman & @Azeem (14th); @Michael (15th)
Game 22 - Benfica vs Rangers - First goal 2nd minute. Winner - @Bluebird Hewitt (3rd)
Game 23 - Atalanta vs Inter - First goal 58th minute. No winners.
Game 24 - Leverkusen vs Gladbach - First goal 18th minute. Winners - @Redcanuck & @CaaC (John) (18th); @Rucksackfranzose (16th);  @Lucas (20th)
Game 25 - Netherlands vs Spain - First goal 18th minute. Winners - @CaaC (John) & @DeadLinesman (17th); @Mel81x (19th)
Game 26 - Serbia vs Scotland - First goal 52nd minute. Winners - @Dr. Gonzo (52nd); @Devil-Dick Willie (51st)
Game 27 - Turkey vs Russia - First goal 11th minute. Winners - @Mel81x (11th); @Pyfish & @Redcanuck (13th)
Game 28 - Italy vs Poland - First goal 27th minute. Winners - @Pyfish (28th) and @Rucksackfranzose (29th)
Game 29 - Peru vs Argentina - First goal 17th minute. Winners - @Rucksackfranzose, @Redcanuck, @DeadLinesman
Game 30 - England vs Iceland - First goal 20th minute. Winners - @Mel81x (19th), @Toinho (21st); Stan, @Viva la FCB (22nd); @Lucas (18th)
Game 31 - Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona - First goal 45+3rd minute. No winners.
Game 32 - Fulham vs Everton - First goal 1st minute. Winner - @Bluebird Hewitt (3rd)
Game 33 - PSG vs RB Leipzig - First goal 11th minute. Winners - @Mel81x (12th), @Redcanuck (10th); @Tommy (13th)
Game 34 - Marseille vs Porto - First goal 39th minute. Winner - @DeadLinesman (41st)
Game 35 - Valencia vs Atletico Madrid - First goal 76th minute. No winners.
Game 36 - Chelsea vs Tottenham - No goals scored. No winners.
Game 37 - Luton vs Norwich - First goal 15th minute. Winners - @DeadLinesman & @6666 (14th); @Faithcore (17th)
Game 38 - AC Milan vs Celtic - First goal 7th minute. Winners - @Bluewolf (7th); @Devil-Dick Willie & @Robbie (8th); @nudge (9th)
Game 39 - Spurs vs Arsenal - First goal 13th minute. Winners - @nudge & @Pyfish (12th); @Devil-Dick Willie (15th); @Mel81x (11th)
Game 40 - Schalke vs Bayer Leverkusen - First goal 10th minute. Winners - @Michael & @Devil-Dick Willie (12th)
Game 41 - Ajax vs Atalanta - First goal 85th minute. No winners.
Game 42 - Inter vs Shakhtar - No goals scored. Winner - @Robbie.
Game 43 - Man Utd vs Man City - No goals scored. Winner - @Robbie
Game 44 - Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid - First goal 15th minute. Winners - @nudge & @CaaC (John) (14th); @Mel81x (17th)
Game 45 - Watford vs Brentford - First goal 60th minute. No winners.
Game 46 - Liverpool vs Tottenham - First goal 26th minute. Winners - @DeadLinesman & @Dr. Gonzo (26th); @Michael (25th); Stan (27th)
Game 47 - Leverkusen vs Bayern - First goal 14th minute. Winners - @Michael (14th); @Devil-Dick Willie (12th); @Faithcore (13th); @CaaC (John) (15th); @Viva la FCB, @Mel81x, @Lucas (16th)
Game 48 - Lazio vs Napoli - First goal 9th minute. Winners - @Faithcore (9th) & @Bluewolf (7th)
Game 49 - Montpellier vs Lille - First goal 23rd minute. Winners - @McAzeem (23rd); @Lucas & @Redcanuck (22nd); Stan & @Toinho (21st); @Robbie (25th)
Game 50 - Everton vs Man Utd - First goal 88th minute. Winner - @McAzeem (87th)
Game 51 - Chelsea vs Aston Villa - First goal 34th minute. No winners.
Game 52 - Sevilla vs Villarreal - First goal 8th minute. Winners - @Mel81x & @Bluewolf (7th)
Game 53 - Rangers vs Celtic - First goal 70th minute. No winners.
Game 54 - Boca Juniors vs River Plate - First goal 10th minute. Winner - @Redcanuck (12th)
Game 55 - AC Milan vs Juventus - First goal 18th minute. Winners - @Faithcore (16th); @Devil-Dick Willie (20th)
Game 56 - St Etienne vs PSG - First goal 19th minute. Winners - Stan (19th); @6666 (18th); @Lucas (20th); @Toinho (21st)
Game 57 - RB Leipzig vs Dortmund - First goal 55th minute. Winners - @McAzeem (56th)
Game 58 - Marine vs Tottenham - First goal 24th minute. Winners - @DeadLinesman (25th); @Faithcore & @Tommy (26th)
Game 59 - Atletico Madrid vs Sevilla - First goal 17th minute. Winners - @Pyfish (18th); @Tommy (15th); @CaaC (John) (19th)
Game 60 - PSG vs Marseille - First goal 39th minute. No winners.
Game 61 - Liverpool vs Man Utd - No goals. No winners.
Game 62 - Inter Milan vs Juventus - First goal 13th minute. Winner - @JoshBRFC (13th)



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6 minutes ago, Azeem said:

(32+24+7)/3 = 21st minute 

Fixed ;) 

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Jesus. Seems like a lot of people are really confident we're going to score in the first 20 mins or so.

Can't argue with that.

  • Haha 2

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First game up and I forget to guess!

We have 3 opening winners though!

First goal was 4th minute by Mo Salah in the Liverpool vs Leeds game.

On 04/09/2020 at 15:13, Mel81x said:

5th minute


On 04/09/2020 at 15:22, Bluebird Hewitt said:

3rd minute please. 


On 04/09/2020 at 19:29, Deco said:


@Mel81x & @Bluebird Hewitt get 2 points each as they were 1 minute out.

@Deco picks up 1 point for being 2 minutes away :) 


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Rankings table has been updated in original post. New fixture up too.


Predictions made after kick-off will not count.

@Bluebird Hewitt @DeadLinesman @Spike @Batard @Relling @nudge @Bluewolf @Mel81x @Rucksackfranzose @Pyfish @Panflute @Tommy @Lucas @6666 @Dr. Gonzo @Michael @CaaC (John) @Viva la FCB @Redcanuck @Toinho @Azeem @Faithcore @Berserker @Devil-Dick Willie @localhero @Deco @londonerlilie @MUFC @IgnisExcubitor @Mpache @Catsmother @RandoEFC @Asura @ScoRoss @Machado @Tepmz @Dan @...Dan @Rick @Inverted 

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