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June CONMEBOL Friendlies

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Argentina vs Brazil

Singapore vs Argentina


Spain vs Colombia

Cameroon vs Colombia


USA vs Venezuela

Venezuela vs Ecuador


El Salvador vs Ecuador


Australia vs Brazil


Nicaragua vs Bolivia

Bolivia vs Nicaragua


Chile vs Burkina Faso

Russia vs Chile

Romania vs Chile


Peru vs Paraguay

Peru vs Jamaica

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Well, these games are meaningless but there are a few interesting ones. We should beat Paraguay especially seeing they'll be experimenting as much as we will be. We'll thrash Jamaica though, of that I am sure of. Hopefully Manzaneda and Succar get playing time.

Australia vs Brazil is an interesting one even if there is one clear winner in that.

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My lineup vs Paraguay would be:



Advincula - Ramos - Araujo - Trauco

Aquino - Tapia

Carrillo - Hurtado - Gomez



A different lineup but this is the moment to really experiment. Hopefully we see Succar who is the next best Peruvian forward. Gomez I've never been a fan of but I want to see him to see if Gareca can really change him like he did with Cueva.

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