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LMS League 2020-21 Round 5 (Ligue 1)

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I'll go for Lyon please

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Results - Gameweek Two

Casualties (0)

For the first time this season, there are 0 casualties as all remaining players made a successful pick this week.


Survivors (4)

The four players left all successfully made it through to Gameweek Three with one of the most comfortable Last Man Standing weeks of all time. @nudge and @CaaC (John) continued to follow in each other's stride by picking PSG this week, and the French champions provided them with a relaxed weekend after a 4-0 hammering of Montpellier on Friday night. @Mel81x and @Pyfish went one better despite having to wait until Sunday night for their result, Lyon duly delivering them to Gameweek Three by putting five past Saint Etienne in their own back yard.


Congratulations folks, that's 2 points each and still room for most of you on the podium. Please progress to Gameweek Three by making your picks below.


Preview - Gameweek Three

Now I should have done this last week as the rules are that as soon as we're down to less than 5 players, we make tiebreak picks as well just in case nobody manages to pick a match winner.

This week I need you to pick a match winner as usual, as well as an anytime goalscorer (this doesn't have to be from the same match as your chosen team) and the time of first goal in the randomly selected game: Lorient vs PSG.

The tie breaker only comes into play if all four of you fail to select a match winner. If that happens, it goes down to your goalscorers, if more than one of you picks a correct scorer then it is decided by which player scored earliest (by minute). If none of you select a correct goalscorer or multiple people pick the same winning goalscorer, you will be separated by whoever gets closest to the time of first goal in the Lorient vs PSG game.

1020901041_ScreenShot2021-01-25at09_28_46.png.181b8d52f9d51f74d8f4662f6894d6b3.png 261256080_ScreenShot2021-01-25at09_29_32.png.fb5b073d4b922ff927cd2d26271930c0.png

Good luck!

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Shit or bust, Monaco, please. 🤠

Edit: Just nipping out to do some shopping so I will add the goalscorers etc when I get back if that's ok with you.

2nd Edit:

Goal Scorer - Wissam Ben Yedder
First Goal - 18th minute

Edited by CaaC (John)

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PSG please
Goalscorer: Kevin Volland
First goal: 18th

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Team Choice

  • PSG
  • Lyon
  • Monaco

Goal Scorer - Kevin Volland

First Goal - 7th minute

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