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2017 Get Together

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Missed out last year but there is still time for a Stein or two (or three) if anyone else is up for it.  My best chances are any weekend 7/10  14/17  21/24 July - August gets a bit of a problem, but I can stay Essen, Dusseldorf, Herne, Castrop - anywhere in the Ruhr area and perhaps tsubs will be available again - is Jesse still with us? and where has Thea gone?  Can't expect Max to get over from Vancouver again but that would be special.  To all the newbies since our last get-together it can be a special event and some friendships have been solidly cemented over the years.  Any takers?

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My wife is in Sydney at the moment but without a contact for Tanksie there can be no Aussie get-together.  After 2 weeks and only his post after my opening this thread I suppose I can take it that the idea was a non-starter?

C'est la Vie

I will have to return to my first German saying I was taught as a child in the forties

Wann du denkst du bist allein

Machtest du - whatever.......:dam:

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