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Liverpool 1-1 Newcastle - Saturday 24th April, 2021

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Kick-off 12.30

Live on BT Sport

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Liverpool - DDWLW
Newcastle - WWDLD

Last 3 Meetings
30/12/2020 - Newcastle 0-0 Liverpool
26/07/2020 - Newcastle 1-3 Liverpool
14/09/2019 - Liverpool 3-1 Newcastle

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2 hours ago, Devil-Dick Willie said:

A mate of mine lost his job during the local second wave of covid back in Feb, been down in the dumps. Got him coming over tonight for a couple of drinks and to watch this shithouse game. I'm actually looking forward to it. 

Hope he didn't arrive five minutes late xD

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So Fernandez gives Jota a clear elbow/forearm to the face and gets away with no punishment 😂

Edit: He got a yellow, which is still fortunate. 

I can see Kabak getting sent off in this game, he’s already had a couple of dodgy moments. 

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Normally when the first goal goes in early, you find it becomes a landslide but the finishing has genuinely been very poor bar the goal.

Liverpool should be walking in at least 3 up easily.

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And there is is. Absolutely pathetic. 

Dropped four points in one week from dominant positions. Four points and we could be looking okay in the top four race but it’s looking more and more unlikely. Embarrassing performance. 

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1 minute ago, Cicero said:

That was genuine comedy. 

Our whole season is. 

Chelsea to beat West Ham later and start cementing their place in the top four along with Leicester. I can’t express how pathetic I think that performance was. Jota & Mane were criminal in that first half, and then the whole team second half just wilted away. 

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