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Watford Promoted Back to Premier League

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Joining Norwich in their return to the top division.

Would love to say I'm absolutely buzzing about it but I'd be lying.


Nevertheless, congratulations to them for coming back up at first time of asking. 

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Would have liked to see some other teams than Norwich and Watford come up.  If Bournemouth wins the play offs and I imagine they might be the favourite, all three teams who were relegated last season will have come straight back up.

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Same as Norwich this lot, tinpot yo-yo shite. 

A guaranteed six points which is always nice, but annoys me more than it should when their supporters are on social media giving it the big bollocks about being ''back where they belong''. It's as if playing in a yellow shirts instantly makes you just a proper flannel of a football club - just die.

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6 hours ago, Dr. Gonzo said:

Norwich and Watford getting promoted back up is about as not ideal as it gets. No offense to any fans of their clubs, they’re just boring additions to the league.

If Brentford weren’t bottlers then we might have seen different. 👀

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