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Neymar Signs New Contract Until 2025

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21 minutes ago, The Palace Fan said:

Just proves that he has no real desire to prove himself as ‘the best’. Happy to just get paid and dominate an easy league

Which they're not even doing this season to be fair!

Would be sweet to see them lose their Ligue 1 crown.

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Man gets paid more than anyone else to shoot his mouth and get a contract extension. Why wouldn't he be happy? He has no expectations on his shoulders, they'll fire more coaches and players before they tire of him and his revenue generation for the club.

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I think this is a good decision by Neymar´s camp. 

A return to Barcelona is impossible, since Barça has serious financial problems. He´s settled in Paris, enjoys living there and no other club would pay him what PSG pays.

There´s no reason to move at this point of his career. 

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I think any top player who purposely moves to PSG is pretty much taking a hit if they don’t win the Champions League, congrats you won Ligue 1 with no real competition financially.

Neymar will go down similar to Ibra, both world class, both wasting their best years in France. But he’ll make money and have more attempts at the CL

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