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Stan's World Prediction League 2020/21 - Week 36 Table

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Week 36 Results
St Johnston 0-0 Livingston
Juventus 3-2 Inter Milan
Chelsea 0-1 Leicester
Benfica 4-3 Sporting Lisbon
Roma 2-0 Lazio
Fiorentina 0-0 Napoli
Villarreal 4-0 Sevilla
Chelsea W 0-4 Barcelona W
Lille 0-0 St Etienne
Cincinnati 2-3 Inter Milan

A somewhat bizarre week with several odd results but also, @SchalkeUK being the only person to get a Perfect Score. Aside from that, he was one of only 3 players to get double-digit scores for the week. @Viva la FCB high-scored with a strong 17 which lifted him up from 7th to 3rd. Also moving up a few spots was @Tommy with his 13 points. They both moved above myself, @Bluewolf and @DeadLinesman.

At the top, @6666 is now level with @Pyfish.


WPL - 36.PNG

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