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Eurovision Song Contest 2021

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Never usually watch it but missus enjoys it. First time I've watched most of the acts for years. 

Germany deserve to never enter a competition again for that shite. 

Finland were the best for me. Italy not too far behind (more for the music than the look). 

Azerbaijan were decent and not just because of the singer being the next best Ariana Grande. 

Bulgaria was alright as well. Considering Greece's act just turned 18 she was really good. 


UK should just be sacking this shit off to be honest. Absolute laughable in terms of how shit our acts regularly are and how we never even get any pity points any more xD


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I was watching a film on this laptop but I noticed the wife switching the channel over, asked her why and she said "What a load of shite..." :4_joy:

I have mentioned it here before me and the wife loved watching it when Terry Wogan was presenting it just to listen to some of his comments and laugh our socks off, he was the one that gave the show a bit of a zip.

This has been typified as a Eurosong…they do a little walking and bounce about a bit (on Iceland’s 1990 entry)
This is a contest in which you’re gonna see a lot of hair…it’s a slap in the face for European barbers’ (on Germany’s 1995 entry)
It'll either win by a mile or it’s the Diadora league next year.’ (on the UK’s 1995 entry from Love City Groove)

No, it’s not Rita from Coronation Street’ (on 1997 Russian entrant Alla Pugachova (who he also described as a ‘pleasing baritone)





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Watched it for the first time all the way through. My girlfriend’s Dad was a big fan weirdly, so with it being the first one without him, we all watched it. Quite enjoyed it but that is most likely influenced by there being live music and a crowd. 

No idea how they do the points bit at the end and how you can end up with 142 extra points but it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be. 

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