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Mellon Leaves Dundee United

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Seems to have been linked with a few EFL clubs recently and a return to English seems likely.

On the face of it, taking a promoted side to 9th in their first season back seems a decent season. However, it just seems they had a lot more talent in that team than most others around them.

They played, by choice, some of the most defensive and stifling football I've seen from any Scottish team. I think Mellon wasn't really familiar with the Scottish Premiership and underestimated their chances of breaking into the top half.

Lawrence Shankland had a frustrating season that ultimately cost him a chance in the Scotland squad. Given a manager with a better approach and willing to have the team be more creative and take more chances going forward, he could easily be one of the top scorers in the league.

Have seen Derek McInnes and Stephen Robinson's names mentioned, but it seems like they are going to be promoting from within. For Dundee United fans, I think they'll be hoping it's not just more of the same though.

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