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Champions League - Final Four in One City?

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Who cares about your average fan anymore, when they can shift the entire thing to a city and get more of their corporate guests in?

Champions League semi finals have produced some of the best atmospheres for games, anywhere in sport. This would almost ensure the end of that...

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Rubbish. Fans could end up going without even knowing it their team even gets to the final game. 

Fucking annoying how much they're willing to change and scrap things that work for corporate greed. 

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Sounds like this may happen. Not only is it a shit idea from a football perspective, it has the potential for carnage between fans depending on what clubs are in the final four. It's a crazy idea that can only end badly.

The UK Times also report that UEFA are also closely studying a change to the final part of the competition with the creation of the ‘Week of Football’ where the closing stage of the tournament will be decided with a ‘Final Four’ semi-final and final type format. This would be staged in one single city with a single match between the four semifinalists. The proposal would eliminate the traditional home and away ties currently in place with all games set to take place in the one week. This format that has been successful in many basketball competitions such as the Euroleague and ‘March Madness’ in US college basketball.

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