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F1 2021 - Azerbaijan GP - 4-6th June

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Say what you want about Baku, it's turned out exciting races every year as far as I can remember. One of my favourite new tracks and a race you can genuinely look forward to. A street circuit where the punishment for error is large in most parts of the track without making it impossible to race and overtake. Hopefully they get DRS right this weekend (ideally by not using it at all... a man can dream) and don't rob us of a load of exciting side by side battles under braking into turns 1 and 3. 

Been a good track for Bottas in the past. Hopefully he can put Hamilton under pressure again. I expect Lewis to bounce back after Monaco and you'd think Mercedes will have the edge over the other teams for pace again.

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Looks like genuine trouble for Mercedes again. I'm sure they'll make a good amount of it back through changes on the car overnight. Seems odd that they'd be that far off the leading pace even after Monaco.

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1 hour ago, Tommy said:

Toto was supposed to be at SKY Germany for an interview, but now asked them to postpone it. Looks like he has other problems right now. 

those pesky wheelnuts

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