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Stan's Euro 2020 Prediction League - League Standings

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24 minutes ago, MUFC said:

People have no idea how serious this is getting.

Agreed! I think there's a lot of focus on the Cup competition (which is fine!) but these league standings still matter a lot :D 

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8 hours ago, Stan said:


The table after the final. Thankfully only @Dan predicted a draw so outscored everyone; it also meant I finished top and no-one was able to pip me to the post! 

Very close in the end with @Redcanuck, @Viva la FCB, @Tommy, @Lucas, @MUFC & @DeadLinesman all within 3 points of the lead.

Euros 7.PNG


Now, for the table after the BONUS ROUND predictions have been taken in to account. Firstly, a list of which teams finished where in group stage, tournament winner and which player was top-goalscorer.

Group Standings
Group A - Italy,  Wales, Switzerland
Group B - Belgium, Denmark
Group C - Netherlands, Austria, Ukraine
Group D - England, Croatia, Czech Republic
Group E - Sweden, Spain
Group F - France, Germany, Portugal

Tournament Winner - Italy
Runner-up - England

Top Goalscorer

  • Patrick Schick / Cristiano Ronaldo - 5
  • Lukaku, Benzema, Kane, Forsberg - 4
  • Dolberg, Sterling, Lewandowski, Morata, Shaqiri, Wijnaldum, Seferovic - 3

The table below is after the Bonus Round points have been allocated.

@JoshBRFC's predictions gained him a mammoth 70 points and shot him straight up to top spot!


@Redcanuck was the definition of consistent as he remained in 2nd place despite all the movement around him. @Tommy takes bronze for finishing 3rd.

Special shout for @Devil for going from 23rd all the way up to 8th!



Thank you everyone for taking part! The tournament itself was very entertaining; thanks to all of you who predicted all the way through. A summary of the winners...

Euro Prediction League Regular Standings - Stan

Euro Prediction League After Bonus Round - @JoshBRFC

Euro Prediction League Cup Winner - @Lucas




I thought a draw was a really likely outcome. Amazed nobody else thought it would be xD

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7 hours ago, Redcanuck said:

Thanks from running this, a lot of work.

Runner up, I feel like England.

Us being top 2 though. Bet that’s happened a lot of times on various competitions and FF over the last 15 years ;).

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