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(Group D) - Scotland 0-2 Czech Republic - Monday 14th June, 2021

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Somehow Scotland have won the last three games against the Czech Republic. Didn't think we'd have as good a record against a similar sized nation, always seem to struggle in these sort of matches. Let's hope the home advantage is a real thing, especially as they are no longer basing themselves here and are traveling.

If I had to guess at what the team would be:


O'Donnell - Hendry - Hanley - Tierney - Robertson

McGinn - McTominay - McGregor

Adams - Dykes

With Christie, Forrest and Gilmour the likely subs, so they need to attack more.

This game is the most winnable, and is the best chance of getting a result to get through to the knockout rounds.

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We have looked quite poor against the Czechs before and somehow got a result every time. 

A win would be massive and should be doable but I don't know if I am confident. Clarke has obviously set us up to be organised and tough to beat but I don't know if we can change the mentality for this one, step onto the Czechs and really push for a result. So at the moment my worst fear is a cagey game that slowly fizzles out to a pretty useless draw. A performance like against Serbia would be ideal - pinning them back, keeping the ball, getting the LBs connecting and making a series of good chances. That's why I think if we are going to give Gilmour a chance at all, he needs to be starting this game. 

Lose or draw, we'll panic and get beat by Croatia and England. 

If we win, we can go into the next two games knowing that the pressure is off us and play proper Clarkenaccio. And then anything can happen.

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I just want to apologise to every Scottish member of the forum right now, I've had Belgium, England and Scotland in a treble since Saturday morning. 

The first two came in so I'm left with Scotland to bring home the money, unfortunately I have a terrible track record which has resulted in my mates calling me the curse. 

I can cash out and take home £35 but the lure of the £100 is keeping me going!!


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I was torn too between whether I wanted Scotland to do well or not but I like a lot of their players so hoping they beat the Czech's this afternoon, and then they can be rubbish for the game at Wembley v us.

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Hlozek is one to watch for Czech Republic.

Scotland: Marshall, O'Donnell, Hendry, Hanley, Cooper, Robertson, McTominay, McGinn, Armstrong, Dykes, Christie.

Substitutes: Gordon, McLaughlin, McGregor, Adams, Taylor, Turnbull, Nisbet, Fraser, Patterson, Gilmour, Forrest, McKenna.


Czech Republic: Vaclik, Coufal, Boril, Celustka, Kalas, Soucek, Kral, Mosopust, Darida, Jankto, Schick.

Substitutes: Mandous, Kaderabek, Brabec, Barak, Holes, Krmencik, Sevcik, Zima, Hlozek, Vydra, Meteju, Pekhart.


No Tierney for Scotland. 

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5 minutes ago, Cicero said:

Bit strange not starting Gilmour. 

He's only just got into the squad for the first time, because Ryan Jack is missing through injury.

For someone whose played so little first team football this year, never mind with the national team, it's not something many were expecting Clarke to do.

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