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Frank Onyeka Completes Move to Brentford

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Looks to be our first Summer signing for around £11m, not seen much of him but understand he's a strong/athletic midfielder who can play defensively and operate further up the field. Will work nicely alongside Norgaard and Janelt, specifically Janelt as the kid is a powerhouse.

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44 minutes ago, The Palace Fan said:

Given its Brentford you imagine they've done there due dilligence when it comes to research. Then again we said that about the flops Norwich signed two years ago. Will be interesting to see how he adaps to Premier League football.

Unfair to compare our recruitment team to Norwich lol

Admittedly I've not seen him play, but FCM fans rate him as one of/their best player and he's been playing regularly in the Champions League for them. We will have a much deeper understanding of him because of our relationship with FCM, so I would expect this to be a good signing for us.

Midfield is looking good now with Norgaard, Janelt, Onyeka, Jensen and finally Dasilva when he returns. Plus Mads Bidstrup was expected to do big things last season but he spent most of it injured, so hopefully he can have an impact too.

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