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EFL Cup 2021/22 - Third Round Draw

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Draw is tonight after the West Brom vs Arsenal game on Sky Sports

  1. AFC Wimbledon
  2. Aston Villa
  3. Brentford
  4. Brighton
  5. Chelsea
  6. Cheltenham
  7. Everton
  8. Fulham
  9. Leeds
  10. Leicester
  11. Liverpool
  12. Man City
  13. Man Utd
  14. Millwall
  15. Norwich
  16. Oldham
  17. Preston
  18. QPR
  19. Rochdale
  20. Sheff Utd
  21. Stoke
  22. Sunderland
  23. Swansea
  24. Tottenham
  25. Watford
  26. West Ham
  27. Wigan
  28. Wolves
  29. Wycombe
  30. Burnley
  31. Southampton
  32. Arsenal
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Preference is to play against Oldham as I can take my best mate to watch his brother play.

Ideally, a nice easy tie at home. Don't need anything too testing at this stage of the season.

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15 minutes ago, Lucas said:

14 v 26 please.

Excited John Cena GIF by WWE

12 vs 13

7 vs 11

5 vs 8

3 vs 18



Would say 24 vs 32 but not much drama in Tottenham vs West Brom...

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QPR v Everton
Preston vs Cheltenham
Man Utd vs West Ham
Fulham vs Leeds
Brentford vs Oldham
Watford vs Stoke
Chelsea vs Aston Villa
Wigan vs Sunderland
Norwich vs Liverpool
Burnley vs Rochdale
Arsenal vs AFC Wimbledon
Sheff Utd vs Southampton
Man City vs Wycombe
Millwall vs Leicester
Wolves vs Tottenham
Brighton vs Swansea

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QPR away. Never really like getting away at a Championship side but we tend to find a way through.

Recent years in the cup has largely been beating everyone until we face one of the top clubs so hopefully some of them can draw each other before they draw us. No dice tonight, they've all got easy draws if they play relatively strong sides.

Man City get Wycombe at home. Every year xD

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Wolves just can't keep Nuno away.

Our draw is meh. We're often crap at Millwall but I can't see them going overly strongly, nor us, and our backups will have enough to win.

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