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Least Respectable Football Clubs

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Any club that actively seeked and are still actively seeking the formation of a super league because they knowingly and irresponsibly ruined there own clubs finances and are now scared of competition. I look forward to seeing these fragile egos that run these clubs crumble over the next couple of years as there legacy gets ruined in the eyes of the idiots that still follow there every word as if they're a cult following a chosen leader. 

A tier below these ignorant skidmarks are those clubs who voted in favour of this new Champions League format which rewards history because sides like Arsenal and Juventus are incapable of creating a structure that can beat progressive forward-thinking set ups at clubs like Atalanta and Leicester City despite having a ridiculous financial advantage. Its Atalanta and Leicester now, it would be the likes of Sassualo and Aston Villa shortly after.

The heart beat that makes football such a beautiful and captivating sport to follow is competition. I have tried to get in to American sports before our baby arrived as something to watch at stupid times in the morning and have come to the conclusion they all fucking suck. In Basketball Utah Jazz won 52 of 72 matches last season and finished top of the Western Conferance. None of that mattered though because the top eight teams in the Western Conferance have to play each other in a playoff anyway. What was the fucking point in the first 72 matches? At least the English football pyramid there is a sense that almost every match in a football season matters.

Any fucker that wants to move away from the competitive aspect of this sport is far worse than an irritating fan base or a team full of detestable players. 

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