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Don't get me wrong, I've loved the past two seasons and this one has been ok albeit, the weakest of the three. However, I really feel like they botched up Nate's character arc.

That big flip if making him the bad guy at the end of Season 2 was brilliant and although we've seen hints of that in a couple of the earlier episodes this season, its not really felt developed on and feels far too simplistic the way they have handled Nate's likely u-turn back to Richmond.

Why did we not see the moment he quit/resigned from West Ham? Would have been good to see him stand up to Rupert.

Why have the Richmond players come looking to bring him back so easily after what he did? we never really got to see why they had a change of heart.

How has Nate just let go of that dark side he had? Was it because he found love? Again, we don't know, none of it has really been gone into.

I just feel like they haven't made great use of the story arc they had initiated at the end of Season 2 with Nate and it's all a bit disappointing how easy its been to fall back into place.

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Yeah, most of Nate's character development this season appears to have happened behind the scenes. There were definitely signs and subtle hints about him having doubts, but the resolution felt a bit rushed for sure. 

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