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The Best Covers

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I can remember buying the first BeeGees LP they released in 1967 when I was a young long-haired hippie lookalike then, only 18 years old and the cover had a psychedelic look about it  O.o

The songs...




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Covers should be different from the original or what's the point? Just sounds like some karaoke knobhead. 

Two from the top of my head that are decent

Originally by Billy Bragg

Originally by Neil Young

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Posted (edited)

Continuing the theme of the Beatles covers - one needed to be around at the time when most of their wrrting was tightly controlled that covers were not allowed.  One which they did allow and which is nothing like the original was Anthony Newley's slightly corny -cockney - version of 'I saw her standing there'.  You need to refer it to the Mike Sarne 'hit' Come outside' in which he and Wendy Richard sent up the 60's dance hall culture and Newley did the same - although many thought he was just singing a good song.  It really does reflect the mood and the pop culture of that time- try imagining it with Phil Daniels and the gang in Quadrophenia!

As an additional piece of nonsense - check out the London-America release for the USA which credits John Lenin as the composer!

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